122, SECTOR 18-A,CHANDIGARH.,-,Chandigarh,INDIA

  • Registration Date : 26/09/2003
  • Registration Number : 26408
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    BHASIN MERCHANTS PRIVATE LIMITED is a private limited Company incorporated on 26/09/2003 and is 14 Years 2 Months 21 Days old. It is classified as Indian Non-Government Company and is registered at RoC-Chandigarh. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 200000 and its paid up capital is Rs. 0.

    Registration number of the company is 26408. U51100CH2003PTC026408 is the Corporate Identification Number (CIN) of this company. Its registered address is 122, SECTOR 18-A,CHANDIGARH., , Chandigarh, .

    The company is involved in Wholesale on a fee or contract basis. [Includes commission agents, commodity .

    Current status of BHASIN MERCHANTS PRIVATE LIMITED is - Active.

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    SECTOR 18-A


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