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Service Tax Circular No.182/02/2014–ST, 27-03-2015

Regarding extension of e-payment deadline and of banking hours

These instructions have been issued by Reserve Bank of India dated March 25th, 2015. It has stated that counters of all designated branches which of agency banks which conducts government businesses shall be open on March 30, 2015 for full day and on March 31, 2015 till 8.00 p.m. However, electronic transaction would be continue till the midnight of 31st March, 2015.

Request was also made for the trade notice to publicize the extended banking hours as well as e payment hours.

Notification No: Service Tax Circular No.182/02/2014–ST
Date: 27-03-2015
File No: F.No. 137/155/2012-Service Tax (Pt –II)
Issuing Authority: Service Tax
Type: Circular
Subject: Regarding extension of e-payment deadline and of banking hours


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