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Safeguard Duty Notifications

Notification Date

Notification No


Issuing Authority


31-12-2014 NOTIFICATION No.04/2014-Customs(SG) Safeguard duty Indian Customs Seeks to amend notification No. 12/2012-Customs, dated the 17th March, 2012 so as to make necessary changes in the specified entries therein.
01-03-2015 NOTIFICATION No.9/2015-Customs Miscellaneous Indian Customs Seeks to levy safeguard duty on imports of Sodium Citrate, for a period of three years
14-11-2014 Customs Circular No.11/2014 Safeguard duty Indian Customs Clarification on method of calculation of safeguard duty leviable vide notification No.4/2012-Customs (SG) dated 05.10.2012 on import of Carbon Black under Advance Authorization Scheme.
28-08-2014 NOTIFICATION No.03/2014-Customs Safeguard duty Indian Customs Seeks to levy provisional safeguard duty on imports of Saturated Fatty Alcohols
13-08-2014 NOTIFICATION No.03/2014-Customs(SG) Safeguard duty Indian Customs Seeks to levy safeguard duty on imports of Seamless Pipes and Tubes into India for a period of two and a half years.
26-02-2014 Notification No. 01/ 2014-Customs(SG) safeguard duty Indian Customs Seeks to levy safeguard duty on import of Sodium Nitrite.
27-12-2013 Customs Notification No 132/ 2013 Safeguard duty Indian Customs Regarding extension of the period upto 21st March, 2014 for submission of final findings on safeguard investigation concerning import of “Seamless Pipes, Tubes and Hollow profiles of iron or non-alloy steel


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