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Service Tax Forms

Forms are not to publish on the blog. These forms are regularly amended to remove the errors which are noticed by users or our team. They are also edited as per the changes made by issuing departments.

  • Form GAR 7- Proforma for Service Tax Payment
  • Form-ST 1-Application form for registration under Section 69 of the Finance Act 1994 (32-of-1994)
  • Form-ST 2-Certificate of registration under Section 69 of the Finance Act 1994 (32-of-1994)
  • Form-ST 3 Return under Section 70 of the Finance Act 1994
  • Form-ST 4-Form of Appeal to the Commissioner of Central Excise (Appeals)
  • Form-ST3 A-Form of Memorandum for provisional deposit under rule 6 of the Service Tax Rules 1994
  • Form-ST 5-Form of Appeal to Appellate Tribunal under section 86 of the Finance Act 1994 (32-of-1994)
  • Form-ST 6-Form of memorandum of cross objections to the Appellant Tribunal under section 86
  • Form-TR-6-Form For Payment Of Service Tax (Challan)
  • Form-ST 7-Application form to Appellate Tribunal under Section 86(2)
  • Form-AAR (ST)-Application form for Advance Ruling (Service Tax)
  • Form-ASTR-1 Application form for Claiming of rebate of cess paid on taxable services exported and service tax
  • Form-ASTR2- Application form for claiming of rebate of cess paid input services and duty paid on inputs service tax