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AC Charger importers and stats about AC Charger import in India

  • Indian importers sourced AC Charger USD Million worth of 579.78 in 2019 (Apr-Dec)
  • India fulfills its AC Charger import requirements by importing from 91 countries.
  • Major trading partners for import of AC Charger are China(247.11 USD Million) , Germany(62.22 USD Million) , Singapore(44.48 USD Million) , USA(35.87 USD Million) , Viet Nam(32.43 USD Million) .

AC Charger import grew by 3.95% in comparison to 2017 where the total import value stood at 452.349 USD Million, whereas the average import value grew by 76.68% during 2014 to 2018. AC Charger which India imports is shipped through top indian ports which are PIYALA/BALLABHGARH ICD (2.9009 USD Million),DELHI AIR CARGO (0.9363 USD Million),NHAVA SHEVA SEA (0.7422 USD Million)..

AC Charger products come with multiple brands including ELAK, JPY, Imax, SIS, Allionce. Also, AC Charger is a type of Travel, Battery, Electric that is available in the market. Also, AC Charger is available in muliple colors such as RED, Black. Also, AC Charger products can be packaged into Box. Also, Battery Tester are some of the applications where AC Charger could be used. Moreover,

People Also Ask

What are the preferred nations for Indian AC Charger importers?

Countries from where AC Charger importers in india prefer buying are China(247.11 USD Million) , Germany(62.22 USD Million) , Singapore(44.48 USD Million) , USA(35.87 USD Million) , Viet Nam(32.43 USD Million) .

What is the price at which AC Charger importers source their products?

Average AC Charger price for importers in India is Rs 50/ ONWARDS.

What value of AC Charger does indian importers buy every year?

An average of 579.78 USD Million worth of AC Charger are imported in India every year.

Which are the top 5 importers of AC Charger?

The top 5 importers of AC Charger are :

  • China with a total contribution of 42.62%.
  • Germany with a total contribution of 10.73%.
  • Singapore with a total contribution of 7.67%.
  • USA with a total contribution of 6.19%.
  • Viet Nam with a total contribution of 5.59%.

Where can I find Importers for the supply of AC Charger worldwide?

You can go through the whole country-wise data and filter out the major importers of AC Charger year-wise. Alternatively, Connect2India provides you with the importer data and also genuine importers of AC Charger from 190+ countries.

Top 10 AC Charger importers in the world

Below is the list of top 10 countries which imports the highest dollar value of AC Charger

S. No Country Quantity Value
1 China 214573650 247.11 USD Million
2 Germany 1440450 62.22 USD Million
3 Singapore 1783660 44.48 USD Million
4 USA 312840 35.87 USD Million
5 Viet Nam 13805540 32.43 USD Million
6 United Kingdom 81620 20.94 USD Million
7 Rep. of Korea 4462150 20.83 USD Million
8 Japan 280820 20.2 USD Million
9 China, Hong Kong SAR 57469090 17.91 USD Million
10 Italy 22550 13.18 USD Million

The above top 10 countries accounts to 100% of the total AC Charger imports into India from around the world. The total value of AC Charger imported into India stands at 579.78 million dollars with 91 countries contributing to this value.

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