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  • Registration Date : 27/10/1983
  • Registration No: 016847
Auto Cross Laser ACL 2CRX
Auto Cross Laser ACL 2CRX
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Brand Asian Leveling Automatic Laser Reception Range Max. 50m radius The ACL2CRX Crossliner is based on a 2 Beam laser to provide automatically leveled vertical & horizontal lines, by virtue of magnetically pendulum system, which can be operated independently or simultaneously .Useful for layout, marking & transfer of levels & plumb in both indoor & outdoor building construction including interiors, foundation leveling and equally applicable to the engineering sector for metal fabrication. Features: 2 Independent automatically leveled Lasers Automatic Leveling Highest level accuracy Adjustable Feet with Plumb Laser at bottom Fine Vernier Adjustment Mechanism Out of Level Sensing Range of Instrument Laser Receiver Transport Locking mechanism Additional aid for initial leveling alignment Rechargeable batteries Specifications: Technical data Accuracy 2mm/10m Self Leveling Range +/-3 Leveling Automatic Laser Reception Range Max. 50m radius Laser Wavelength Eight 635nm Lasers Laser Line Lasers, class 2M, <5mW Power Supply 3xAA Rechargeable Batteries Size (in mm) 110 x 185 x 115 Weight (in g) 1200