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  • Abbe Refractometer

    Jineshwar Enterprise

    Address : Jineshwar EnterpriseNo. 30, Barghari, Chunars Khancha, Shahpur, Chunars Khancha, Shahpur, ,Ahmedabad,India

    Hot air ovens are suitable for temperature upto 250�C for

  • Abbe Refractometer

    Hari Om Scientific Traders

    Address : No. 5780, Street No. 7, New Chandrawel, Jawahar Nagar,New Delhi,India

    We are among the celebrated manufacturers and suppliers of -

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    Digital Abbe Refractometer

    Manti Lab Solutions

    Address : Plot No. 115, Industrial Area, Phase 2, ,Panchkula,India

    Brand: MANTI LAB

    Model: MT-R501

    Application: Industrial, Laboratory

    Temperature Range: 40 Deg C

    Turbidity Meter We are recognized as well-established

  • ABBE Refractometer

    Micro Measures & Instruments

    Address : 444, Jagadhri Road, Mahesh Nagar, ,Ambala,India

    Brand: ALMICRO

    Packaging: Export Worthy.

    Application: Industrial, Laboratory

    Temperature: 0 50deg C

    We deal in ABBE Refractometer export business since 23 Years 25 Days . We export our products from Ambala and we deliver products to many countries around the world with best quality range to offer. Our customer's orders are, packed and secured with care. This process is carried out under expert supervision with good skills.

  • Abbe Refractometer

    Pooja Scientific Instruments

    Address : No. 205, IInd Floor, M-5, Gupta Plaza, Vikas Puri, Vikaspuri, ,Delhi,India

    Our company is offering a wide assortment of Digital Colony Counter

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    ABBE Refractometer

    AVM Scientific

    Address : No. 12, 2nd Floor, Nilkanth Plaza, Bapasitaram Chowk, Mavdi Main Road, Mavdi, ,Rajkot,India

    Other products from this exporter
    ABBE Refractometer With Imported Optics

    ABBE Refractometer With Imported Optics

    In our extensive range of products, we are offering Electric Drying

  • Abbe Refractometer

    Sainath Traders

    Address : Sainath TradersNo. 201, 2nd Floor, Sukh Sagar Bhavan, Opposite Shree Ram Engineering, Shastri Nagar Main Road, Opposite Shree Ram Engineering, Khatodara, ,Surat,India

    Other products from this exporter
    Digital Abbe Refractometer

    Digital Abbe Refractometer

    Features: * 5 Digits LCD Display * contact & non contact

  • Abbe Refractometer

    AGS Scientific Company

    Address : AGS Scientific CompanyNo. 1, Nallathambi Street, Chromepet, Nallathambi Street, Chromepet, ,Chennai,India

    Is a designed to handle a wider range of liquids than the regular

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    Abbe Digital Refractometer

    TIA Chemicals

    Address : TIA ChemicalsNo. 223, Deshpande Layout, Wardhman Nagar, Padole Nagar, ,Nagpur,India

    Brand: Abbe

    Phase: Single Phase

    Usage: Laboratory

    Voltage: 220 V

    Frequency: 50 Hz

    Interface: RS232

    Display Type: LCD

    Measuring Range: 1.3000 - 1.7000

    Features: * Different Models * Durable

  • Abbe Refractometer

    Advance Research Instruments Company

    Address : Advance Research Instruments CompanyC-22, DDA Shed, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I, Okhla, ,New Delhi,India

    Accuracy: 0.25% (direct reading) & 0.1% (by estimation)

    Demensions: 170 mm X 120 mm X 210 mm

    Sugar Scale: 0-95%

    Accuracy (nD): 0.0005 (direct reading) & 0.0001( By estimation)

    Temperature Indicator: Digital

    Refractive Index Scale (nD): 1.3000 - 1.7100

    Light Source for Prism and Scale: Built-in

    The instrument is designed with the latest Oxygen Bomb, Auto Oxygen

  • Abbe Refractometer

    J. S. Enterprises

    Address : J. S. EnterprisesE-47, Backside, Near Spark Mall, Kamla Nagar, ,New Delhi,India

    Size: 100 x 200 x 240 mm

    Weight: 2.6 Kg

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Application: Laboratory, Industrial

    With long years of hard work and sincerity, we are now offering

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    Abbe Refractometer S-9293


    Address : Plot No. 133, Industrial Area Phase 2 ,Panchkula,India

    Brand: Systonic

    Model: S-9293

    Weight: 10 Kg.

    Accuracy: nD +-0.0002 brix +- 0.1%

    Model No: S-9293

    Brix Value: 0-100%

    Application: Industrial

    Power Supply: 220 V AC

    Measurement BRIX: brix 0-100%

    Measurement Range: nD 1.30000-1.70000, brix 0-100%

    Temperature Range: 0-50 Degree Celcious

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

    Refractometer Light Source: 6 V 10 Watts Lamp

    Microprocessor Photo Colorimeter S-916 Microprocessor Photo

  • Abbe Refractometer

    Double R Optics & Scientific Works C/o Star Lab...

    Address : 73, Preet Nagar, Near Raja Park, Jagadhri Road, Khudda Kalan, Preet Nagar, ,Ambala,India

    Other products from this exporter
    Automatic Digital Abbe Refractometer

    Automatic Digital Abbe Refractometer

    Digital Abbe Refractometer

    Digital Abbe Refractometer

    One of the leading name in Abbe Refractometer exporter, we are serving our domestic and foreign client base since 30 Years 25 Days . Situated in Ambala, we are a team of highly skilled professionals committed to provide you best quality and quantity with great safety.

  • Digital Abbe Refractometer

    The Western Electric & Scientific Works

    Address : Near B. D. Higher Secondary School, Ambala Cantt ,Ambala,India

    Brand: WESWOX

    Application: Laboratory

    Measuring Range: 0-100

    Model Number/Name: DAR-2020

    Usage/Application: Laboratory

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

    Refractometer Light Source: 3 lamps 6.3V,025 A

    Being a prominent firm, we are actively committed towards providing

  • Abbe Refractometer

    Labline Stock Centre

    Address : No. 122, Princess Street, Building Keshav Baug Marine Line,Mumbai,India

    Brand: Labline

    Flow Type: Horizontally

    Applicable Temperature: 0 to 60 degreeC

    Thermometer with range: Up to 0 to 60 degree

    Accuracy of R.I. & Brix: 0.0002 0.1%

    We offer a unique range of Antibiotic Zone Reader to our clients.

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Abbe Refractometer Specifications

  • 100 x 200 x 240 mm
  • Digital
  • Systonic
  • Atico
  • Sunshine Scientific
  • Accumax India
  • Didac
  • Teknik
  • V-Tech
  • Lasany International
  • Bestco
  • Labsol
  • Labman
  • Accumax
  • Grey
  • Welded & Powder coated
  • Made of M.S. Square Tubes & Sheets
  • JS-111
  • BSC 194
  • VT-LI-R501
  • S-9293
  • LMAR-1317
  • LI-R501
  • 50hz
  • 220 v +/-10%
  • Laboratory
  • 2.6 Kg
  • 10 Kg
  • 4.5 kg
  • nD +-0.0002 brix +- 0.1%
  • 0.0002
  • 0.003
  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
Model No
  • SSE
  • S-9293
  • LMAR-1317
  • LI-R501
  • 2 years
  • New
  • 50 Hz
  • RS232
Brix Range
  • 0-95%
  • 330x180x380 mm
  • 370*240*470 (mm)
  • Research Microscope
  • Industrial
  • Laboratory
  • Used for measuring of Refractive Index
Brix Min Scale
  • 0.5%
Equipment Type
  • Abbe Refractometer
R I Mini Scale
  • nD 0.001
Electric Heater
  • Capacity 300 W
  • Supply 230 V AC
  • Coil Type Heater
Measuring Range
  • 0-100
Measurement BRIX
  • 0-100
Refractive Index
  • 1.3000 to 1.7000
Sugar Percentage
  • 0 to 95% in steps of 1 Division
Insulating Powder
  • Asbestos Powder
Measurement Range
  • nD 1.30000-1.70000
  • brix 0-100%
  • Nd 1.3000 To 1.7000
  • 1.30000-1.70000 nD
  • 0 to 95 % Brix
Model Number/Name
  • DAR-2020
  • Laboratory
  • Refractive index from 1.300 to 1.700.
Measuring Accuracy
  • +/-0.1 nD
Accuracy Percentage
  • 0.5%
Is It ISO Certified
  • ISO Certified
Brix Percentage Range
  • 0-95%
Temperature Indicator
  • Range 0-400 degree Celsius
  • 12 Channel Indicator with Selector Switch
Applicable Temperature
  • 0 to 60 deg C
Refractive Index Range
  • nD 1.3000-1.7000
Accuracy of R I and Brix
  • +0.0002 +0.1%
Range of Temperature Display
  • 0 To 500 Deg C
Temperature Range (deg. Celsius)
  • 1 300 1 700
Measurement range Refractive index nD
  • 1.3000-1.7000

There are various sizes in which the Abbe Refractometer products are available such as 100 x 200 x 240 mm. Also, The various brands for Abbe Refractometer that one could find are Systonic, Atico, Sunshine Scientific, Accumax India, Didac, Teknik, V-Tech, Lasany International, WESWOX, Bestco, Labsol, Labman, Accumax. Also, Abbe Refractometer products fall under Digital category. Also, Abbe Refractometer is available in Grey colors. Also, Abbe Refractometer can be used for Research Microscope, Industrial, Laboratory, Used for measuring of Refractive Index. Moreover, The materials used to manufacture Abbe Refractometer are Stainless Steel, Mild Steel.

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