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Alpha Chemika

manufacturer of Vegetable saps, etc, pectin etc, agar-ag...

Savgun Heights,\t400053, , \n\t\tMaharashtra, \n\t \n\t\tIndia
  • Registration Date : 1962
  • Registration No:

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Established as a company, Alpha Chemika is known as the foremost manufacturer of a high-quality range of Offered are well-known for the features like long working life, high functionality, and low maintenance.

Their business is located in situated at Its registered address is Savgun Heights,\t400053, ,India and was established in 1962.

With the help of their experienced quality indian suppliers professionals, they have been able to offer in various ranges and models.

Their position in the international market, they are best in providing to the regular clients at very inexpensive price.

Alpha Chemika is an Indian Manufacturers and Suppliers based in Mumbai. The main product of Alpha Chemika are Metals, Alloys & Minerals, Metal & Metal Made Products, Cobalt Powders'

Incepted in the year 1962, Alpha Chemika has grown to become a reputed name providing scientific precision quality products. As a reputed manufacturer, exporter and supplier, we offer a gamut of products including laboratory chemicals, laboratory glassware, laboratory equipments, microbiological media, analytical instruments, hospital equipments, medical disposables, scientific equipments, microscopes, soil cement and educational material for various science departments, etc. We also provide samples and quotations to the participants of global tenders floated by the respective Ministry of Education & Sports and Ministry of Health in many countries. Some of our most prominent clients include Sigma, Fluka, Aldrich, Merck, among others.


Vegetable saps, etc, pectin etc, agar-agar etc

Processed animal, vegetable oils, industrial preps ne

Veg waxes except triglycerides, insect wax, spermacet

Yeast, dead unicellular organisms nes, baking powders

Salt (sodium chloride) including solution, salt water

Kaolin and other kaolinic clays

Clay nes (except expanded clay for insulation)

Natural magnesium carbonate, magnesium oxide

Natural steatite

Natural borates, concentrates, boric acid (<85%)

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Alpha Chemika 




Savgun Heights,,\t400053, , 




57 Years 6 Months 21 Days  

51 to 100 People 




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Company Registration



Registrar Of Companies




Rs. 10 - 25 Crore 




Axis Bank 





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About Us

We wish to inform you that we are an ISO 9001:2000 CERTIFIED COMPANY accredated by UKAS. THE SCOPE OF ISO 9001:2000 IS : "MANUFACTURER OF LABORATORY CHEMICALS" ALPHA CHEMIKA provides its customers with the highest quality materials at the lowest possible cost. We are confident that you will be pleased with our products and services. Our people are committed to providing support for all products in this catalogue to ensure that every aspect of quotation, order processing, packing & shipment is carried out smoothly & professionally. Alpha Labchem is a widely recognized name in the field of manufacturers and exporters of complete range of Laboratory Chemicals for Various SCIENCE DEPARTMENTS. Alpha Labchem was a venture started over 25 years ago to deal in Bio-chemicals and Reagents for life science research and other specialty chemicals. Alpha Labchem today is one of the forerunners in the Indian chemical industry. In a matter of years Alpha Labchem through its team work and efficiency, not forgetting its superior products, has been able to establish a strong market share through out India. At present Alpha Labchem is among the top 5 chemical companies in India. Alpha Labchem Pvt. Ltd has a wide range or products from Organic & Inorganic, Biological Stains & Indicators, Solvents & Acid of LR/GR/EP/UV and HPCL Grades. Our Product list consists of more than 7000 items. Alpha Labchem stepped into the International Market 5 years ago and has been able to develop its good name with customer satisfaction and its quality products in many corners of the world. At present Alpha Labchem is doing business with United Kingdom, United States Of America, Australia, Libya, Ethiopia, Iran, Egypt, Tanzania, Malaysia, Indonesia and many more. At Alpha Labchem we have learnt that there is no stop to growth and expansion in any business. At this time we ask you to take a look at our products and see if that holds any interest for you or your company in joining hands with Alpha Labchem to achieve success and greater business recognition in the future. We are looking forward to helping you help us grow and you to be a part of that growth. We are also specialized in providing quotations and samples to the participants in their respective countries for the various global tenders floated by the Ministry of Education & sports and Ministry of Health. Our actions in the well-equipped production unit are guided by an unwavering commitment to achieve total quality performance. We are well armed to develop customized products and welcome all your suggestions and guidance to further improve the quality of our products. Today, the list of our clients reads some prestigious technical institutes, research centers, schools, colleges and Ministry of Education. A dedicated team of qualified professionals works day and night to contribute to the progress of science and education. We also enjoy the services of our strong R & D department that is working ceaselessly to touch new milestones. We understand that scientific experiments are delicate procedures and ask for quality equipment and chemicals. Therefore we are committed to offer you the best and we look forward to develop long term relations for mutual benefit.We earnestly request you to kindly register our name for the supply of any requisite For any SCIENCE DEPARTMENT. We are looking forward for your valuable enquires / orders which will receive our prompt attention. We have a more the 7,000 chemicals in Inorganic, Organic, Acids, Solvents, Clinical Reagents, Bio Chemicals, Enzymes and Related Products 1. Please open our attachment for our list for LABORATORY CHEMICALS. 2. The make of the Chemicals WILL BE ALPHA BRAND. ...Read More


A sound infrastructure armored with advanced and innovative technology A state-of-the-art production unit installed with latest machines and equipments like gas chromatographers, spectrophoto meters, etc. Regular upgradation of machinery/equipments using the latest techniques Backed by a qualified team and pro-active employees possessing years of relevant experience Investment made to promote knowledge in the areas of technical development, research and production, etc. Spacious storerooms that enable us to hold huge stocks and thus, meet all kinds of market demands.

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AN ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company

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