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{{url.product}} is categorized under {{}} and is exported to {{countriesLength}} countries from India. The total value of export of {{url.product}} from India is {{totalTradeValue | number:2}} US$ million and the leading importing nations are {{countryString}}.

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Connect2India is a global trade platform that provides you with Top Indian Manufactures and Top Indian Suppliers of {{url.product}}. Especially, {{}} industry in India extensively uses {{url.product}} as the raw material to manufacture their products. Connect2india also provides trade data information and analytics like countries importing {{url.product}} along with their total cost in US million dollar. Also, the manufacturers and suppliers of {{url.product}} can be filtered according to the production year, country and other parameters. We also provide trade services for {{url.product}} like mandatory export / import documentation and other formalities required to supply {{url.product}} from India and to import {{url.product}} into any other country. We handle end to end execution of trade order for {{url.product}}.

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