A-11, 1st Floor,,Neeti Bagh,Delhi,Delhi,INDIA,110049

  • Registration Date : 29/09/2006
  • Registration Number : 154517
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    SL NO. Director Name DIN Designation Date Of Appointment

    No other company for NITIN GUPTA

    SL NO. Company Name CIN Designation Date Of Appointment
    1 HARD CORE REALTORS PRIVATE LIMITED U74899DL2005PTC141526 Director 2007-09-19
    2 SU ESTATES PRIVATE LIMITED U70100DL2006PTC146238 Director 2006-04-14
    3 BULLS REALTORS PRIVATE LIMITED U70109DL2006PTC154709 Director 2007-09-27
    4 MADEIRA CONBUILD PRIVATE LIMITED U45400DL2007PTC162927 Director 2008-10-03
    5 SUNSINE REALBUILD PRIVATE LIMITED U45400DL2009PTC189738 Director 2009-05-08
    6 MATRIX PROPBUILD PRIVATE LIMITED U45400DL2007PTC162786 Director 2009-08-10
    7 MESSIANIC INFRASTRUCTURE PRIVATE LIMITED U70109DL2012PTC237822 Director 2013-02-25
    8 FIVERIVERS BUILDCON PRIVATE LIMITED U45200DL2006PTC156373 Director 2007-09-27
    9 FIVERIVERS TOWNSHIP PRIVATE LIMITED U45200DL2007PTC160345 Director 2007-10-12
    10 MASSIF CONBUILD PRIVATE LIMITED U45400DL2007PTC163017 Director 2009-08-10
    11 AUSPICIOUS INFRASTRUCTURE PRIVATE LIMITED U74899DL2005PTC141528 Director 2007-09-19
    12 ZODIAC PROPBUILD PRIVATE LIMITED U45400DL2007PTC164724 Director 2011-02-14
    13 COMMANDER REALTY PRIVATE LIMITED U70200DL2012PTC240524 Director 2015-03-30
    14 FIVERIVERS DEVELOPERS PRIVATE LIMITED U45200DL2006PTC156504 Director 2007-10-03
    15 MANOR CONBUILD PRIVATE LIMITED U45400DL2007PTC162922 Director 2008-10-03
    16 MEWS CONBUILD PRIVATE LIMITED U45400DL2007PTC162767 Director 2009-08-10
    00072095 Director 2007-09-29

    No other company for DHIR SINGH KHURANA

    SL NO. Company Name CIN Designation Date Of Appointment
    1 CORAL PROPBUILD PRIVATE LIMITED U70109DL2011PTC215799 Director 2015-03-30
    2 MEZEN REALCON PRIVATE LIMITED U70101DL2012PTC242068 Director 2012-09-11
    3 GOLDEN HEAVEN REALTY PRIVATE LIMITED U45200DL2007PTC157430 Director 2007-01-04
    4 VICTORY REALBUILD PRIVATE LIMITED U45206DL2009PTC189750 Director 2009-05-08
    5 GEM PROPBUILD PRIVATE LIMITED U70200DL2010PTC207840 Director 2010-09-03
    6 DADO BUILDERS PRIVATE LIMITED U70101DL2010PTC207869 Director 2015-03-30
    7 AMUR REALTORS PRIVATE LIMITED U70200DL2012PTC242325 Director 2012-09-14
    8 BELL REALTORS PRIVATE LIMITED U70109DL2010PTC207875 Director 2010-09-06
    9 SKD BUILDCON PRIVATE LIMITED U45400DL2007PTC167886 Director 2015-03-30
    10 DADO REALTORS PRIVATE LIMITED U70200DL2010PTC208105 Director 2015-03-30
    11 GEMINI INFRATECH PRIVATE LIMITED U70200DL2010PTC207866 Director 2015-03-30
    12 SHINING STAR REALTORS PRIVATE LIMITED U70100DL2010PTC207800 Director 2010-09-01
    14 DAINTY REALCON PRIVATE LIMITED U70102DL2012PTC242064 Director 2015-03-30
    15 LILY REALTORS PRIVATE LIMITED U45209DL2007PTC158410 Director 2011-03-11
    16 HEAVEN REALTORS PRIVATE LIMITED U45200DL2007PTC158770 Director 2015-03-30
    17 MAPLE CONBUILD PRIVATE LIMITED U45400DL2007PTC162775 Director 2015-03-30
    18 SANG PROMOTERS PRIVATE LIMITED U70100DL2006PTC146230 Director 2015-04-01
    19 STYLE REALTORS PRIVATE LIMITED U70101DL2010PTC207905 Director 2010-09-06
    00505754 Director 2007-09-29


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    BLACK BERRY REALTORS PRIVATE LIMITED is a private limited Company incorporated on 29/09/2006 and is 11 Years 5 Months 24 Days old. It is classified as Indian Non-Government Company and is registered at RoC-Delhi. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 100000 and its paid up capital is Rs. 100000.

    BLACK BERRY REALTORS PRIVATE LIMITED 's Annual General Meeting (AGM) was last held on 2015-09-29. As per records from Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), this company's balance sheet was last filed on 2015-03-31.

    Registration number of the company is 154517. U70109DL2006PTC154517 is the Corporate Identification Number (CIN) of this company. Its registered address is A-11, 1st Floor,, Delhi, Delhi, 110049.

    The company is involved in Real Estate Activities nec. of leased in property,Real Estate Activities nec., of owned property,Real estate activities with own or leased property n.e.c..

    Current status of BLACK BERRY REALTORS PRIVATE LIMITED is - Active.

    Directors of this company are NITIN GUPTA and DHIR SINGH KHURANA.

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    Company Location

    Address of BLACK BERRY REALTORS PRIVATE LIMITED - A-11, 1st Floor,,Neeti Bagh,Delhi,Delhi,INDIA,110049

    Company Address

    1st Floor

    Neeti Bagh


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