About us

CBD Oil company endeavours to deliver the high quality, innovative, secure and tested CBD products to their consumers. People around the world are in search for enhanced health and calibre of life and as a result lots of them are seeking for CBD to include it as a part of this updated lifestyle. We make use of CO2 extraction method to draw the high-quality and most trusted CBD products that people are looking for. Our effective extraction method helps in preparing pure CBD isolate from hemp plants.

We are already shipping CBD based products to 50+ countries. Currently we are involved in the extraction and preparation procedures but in near future, we will be moving into other possibilities including cultivation along with flower processing and manufacturing of finished CBD products.

Our engrossing journey into the world of CBD set about in 2014. As a new industry, we took advice from legal executive, navigation from medical specialists, farmers as well as extraction professionals to pursue and come about with the plan for “CBD Oil Company”. We spent more years within the research and education for the formation of our company also we bring into play great minds for brand development and availability of CBD based products as medicine.

We believe in being a lot more than just an end product. We are precisely integrated counting from the hemp plants and their processing - to the finished quality products. Being in possession of such knowledge and understanding, we are all set to take over this industry as the leader in CBD around the world.


Our products are prepared by carrying out a CO2 extraction procedure which results in pulling out the required oil from the seeds, flowers as well as the stalk of the hemp plant. This extraction procedure helps to draw purest and beneficial CBD isolates from the hemp plant.

Efficient processing of Cannabidiol CBD is performed using a well-defined procedure including:

  • Extraction of CBD from Hemp plant
  • Separation of CBD and THC
  • Formation of CBD crystalline
  • Preparation of Hemp oil
  • Lab test and third-party testing

You can go through our CBD Processing to thoroughly understand the various steps involved and the exact process of preparation of CBD products.