CBD oil or Cannabidiol oil or more popularly known as industrial hemp oil is one of the extensively used byproducts of Cannabis plant. It is extracted from the aerial part (leaves, stem, flower, fruit) of the plant, as cannabinoids are absent in the roots as well as the seeds.

Cannabis or more commonly known as Marijuana, Hash, Hem, weed etc. is commercially used for n number of purposes. Since the ancient civilization period, it has been one of the hoary vegetation that has been used as the most functional crop. According to some records, cannabis plants have been hugely used for fuel, fibre, food and medicines.

Following the ancient roots, presently cannabis is being used for manufacturing medicines that aid various ailments. CBD oil that holds various soothing properties is used in making modern herbal medicine.

There are 2 species of Cannabis known so far, Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica and both species are used to extract CBD oil that may have a slight difference in qualities.

Out of the 65 known cannabinoids (derivative of the Cannabis plant), CBD or cannabidiol is popular.

How is CBD oil extracted?

To extract CBD oil it is necessary for the plantation to be at least 130 days old. Given to the survivalistic nature of cannabis makes it easy to cultivate in various countries with different temperature and climate.

The cultivation is then harvested during the flowering stage because the seeds don’t consist CBD. The fibre is what is needed to be harvested for CBD oil and that comes from the stalk, leaves, stem and flowers.

To extract the CBD oil, the whole plant is harvested by cutting them from an inch above the root and then left to naturally air dry. Subsequently, the plants are retted (soaked in water or any liquid) to separate the fibres from the plant. The retting is either manual or natural.

The process is followed by decortication (the process of separating the fibre from plants ) while the leaves and flowers are used for extraction of CBD oil.

There are a few known methods of CBD oil extraction-

CO2 extraction

This method for extracting cannabidiol is quite popular as it doesn’t leave any unnecessary residual after extraction. Liquid CO2 is used as a solvent for CBD and then then the cannabidiol is separated afterwards.

Which Countries Produce CBD oil?

  • China
  • United States
  • India
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • South Korea
  • Mexico
  • Vietnam
  • Madagascar
  • Ireland
  • Belgium
  • Canada

Composition of CBD Oil

The major component of the molecular structure of CBD oil is Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that can possibly comprise around 40% of the extract depending on the species of the cannabis plant. Most probably the proportion of THC is more in purebred Cannabis Sativa than in Cannabis Indica.

How Does CBD oil work?

CBD oil has cannabidiol that responds to endocannabinoids present in our brains and reacts in such a way that it affects some of the primary parts of our brains like the peripheral zone.

The human brain, as we all know, has neurons and they are composed of neurotransmitters that receive various signals. There are certain neurotransmitters known as retrograde (backward) neurotransmitters, these neurotransmitters send signals from the target to the source, that’s how the cannabidiol released by the CBD oil, sends the signals to the endocannabinoid system of the body.

These neurotransmitters have proteins and lipids formed by the cells that make it easy for the CBD to attach to the receptors. These neurotransmitters compose the endocannabinoid system in our body that receive the CBD (cannabidiol) released by the cannabis.

Unlike other cannabidiols, CBD doesn’t give the intoxicating or “high” sensation when used, this is the reason CBD oil and other CBD components are highly preferred.

Benefits of cbd oil

Subsisting psychoactive properties, CBD oil is used basically for neurotic disorders and other muscular ailments. Some of the uses of CBD oil are as follows:

1. The flavour of health on Food.
  • CBD Oil for Anxiety

    The exact reason for why and how CBD helps to aid and curbing the anxiety or any mental illness is still under research and debate. Scientists are still studying the whole process and aftermath of what happens and how it all happens when CBD oil is used for anxiety.

    Anxiety is a state of mind where the patient gets overly anxious about anything that normally doesn’t have any effect on the brainal function of people without anxiety. The ordeal also results in panic attacks in many cases.

    Cannabidiol has proven test results in relieving stress which is a common factor in anxiety and panic attacks.

  • CBD Oil For Depression

    Similarly, scientists don’t know the exact reason how CBD oil helps increase the level of serotonin in people suffering from depression. In medical language, depression is caused when the level of serotonin drops. Other than depression and anxiety, Cannabidiol oil has also been said to be effective in other mental disorders like PTSD, Social Anxiety, Insomnia etc.

  • CBD Oil For Pain

    Soothing the constricted nerves is also one of the qualities of CBD oil. It may not have any direct effects on the nerves as it mainly responds to the central nervous system and brain. Hence it is still unclear how it works on the pain.

    Studied have shown that it is quite effective for chronic pain, inflammation epilepsy etc.

    However, CBD oil and other CBD byproducts shouldn’t be used without any medical supervision because there have been apparent side effects due to e overdoses like diarrhoea, frequent mood swings and agitation, irritation, loss of appetite etc.