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Crane 10 Suppliers in India (Crane 10 विक्रेता)

Crane 10 is categorized under Industrial Plants & Machinery and is exported to 103 countries from India. The total value of export of Crane 10 from India is 2,235.6 US$ million and the leading importing nations are Singapore(1045.12 USD Million) , United Arab Emirates(504.1 USD Million) , Indonesia(454.57 USD Million) , Sri Lanka(90.81 USD Million) , Oman(25.15 USD Million) .

  • Avg. Market Price of Crane 10 is Rs 42,000/ Unit.
  • India exports Crane 10 worth 2,235.6 US$ million.
  • Top country which imported Crane 10 from India is Singapore.

People Also Ask

Which country imports Crane 10 from India?

Countries which imports Crane 10 from India are Singapore(1045.12 USD Million) , United Arab Emirates(504.1 USD Million) , Indonesia(454.57 USD Million) , Sri Lanka(90.81 USD Million) , Oman(25.15 USD Million) .

Which type of Crane 10 is exported from India?

Crane 10 types exported from India are : Demag Jib Cranes .

What is the current average market price of Crane 10?

The current average market price of Crane 10 is Rs 42,000/ Unit.

What colors options are available of Crane 10

Crane 10 color variants available are: Red, Yellow, Any, Orange, Green.

How does Connect2India help if i am looking to identify best Indian suppliers of Crane 10?

Connect2India gives you genuine and verified suppliers of Crane 10 from all over India. You can search and filter them on our platform. Alternatively, you can directly contact us or give us your buy requirement and we can filter out the most relevant suppliers for you. We can also provide you with complete details of Crane 10 supplier like company registration details, financial records, trading history, factory location, quality of material, external inspection report etc.

How we help you?

Connect2India is a global trade platform that provides you with Top Indian Manufactures and Top Indian Suppliers of Crane 10. Connect2india also provides trade data information and analytics like countries importing Crane 10 along with their total cost in US dollars. Also, the manufacturers and suppliers of Crane 10 can be filtered according to the production year, country and other parameters. We also provide trade services for Crane 10 like export / import documentation and other formalities required to export Crane 10 from India and to import Crane 10 into any other country. We handle end to end execution of trade order for Crane 10.

Get Crane 10 trade finance or working capital from overseas for your export / import at best terms with Connect2India. You can also get suppliers across India for Crane 10 products with their company profile,office addresses, contact details, phone numbers and email addresses. You can also view suppliers detailed profile with trade history if exporter,financial and registration details, criminal charges if any, certifications & awards. Connect2India helps you to find suppliers that deals in {0} products and all its sub-products from near your location, in your city and in your state. Get in touch with Connect2India to find more information like where to buy {0} from, {0} manufacturers, {0} suppliers near your location, {0} distributors etc.

Crane 10 products could be found in various branding such as Maxx, Silverline, Liftboy, Monotech, Ganesh Engineering, Patel, FIPL, BHARDWAJ. Also, Crane 10 is one of the type of Single Girder, Gantry Crane, EOT Crane, Jib Crane available nowadays in the market. Also, There are various colors in which Crane 10 is available - Red, Yellow, Any, Orange, Green. Also, There could be many uses for the Crane 10 products including Industrial. Moreover, Crane 10 is made of MS, Mild Steel.

Many countries trade in Crane 10 around the globe. The page has a detailed list of Crane 10 suppliers based in India. Now we will figure out the potential of Indian Crane 10 suppliers in international market. During YTD 2018, India nearly supplied 2,235.6 USD million worth of Crane 10 to International markets. Indian suppliers of Crane 10 deal with over 103 countries. Here are the top 10 markets for India suppliers of Crane 10 :

Country Value (USD Million)
Singapore 1045.12
United Arab Emirates 504.1
Indonesia 454.57
Sri Lanka 90.81
Oman 25.15
Namibia 24.01
Bangladesh 16.93
South Africa 16.33
Nepal 7.27
USA 6.37

In the current market, it is crucial for Crane 10 buyers to allocate a reliable supplier for their requirements.

If any country wishes to trade Crane 10 with India, they look for a marketplace to find a reliable and competitively priced supplier of Crane 10 for an efficient trade. It involves more than just glancing at a series of price lists. The selection of Indian supplier for Crane 10 will completely depend on a spectrum of factors such as value for money, quality, reliability and past trade history. Connect2India provides you with 360 degree information on Crane 10 suppliers in India to help you trade safely and easily.

Connect2India has a wide range of network around the globe for Crane 10. It enables other countries to trade Crane 10 with India. Crane 10 distributors based in Crane 10 are systematically categorized under state, city and their respective service areas.

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