Mithat Limited is a private limited company based in India and it was incorporated officially on 18/07/1942. The corporate identification number (CIN) of this company as per the official records is U99999MH1942PTC003637 and the company registration number is 003637.

Mithat Limited is a mca provider company with the industrial and NIC / SIC code of 99999 as per the official records. The company was registered in the year 1942 and its authorized share capital is INR 0 and paid up capital is INR 0. The company's business is based in the city of . The company is duly registered at Registrar of Companies, Mumbai (RoC-Mumbai) and is classified as the Indian Non-Government Company.

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About Mithat Limited

Mithat Limited is an Indian private company incorporated on 18/07/1942 and The current age of the company as per its registration date is 81 Years 4 Months 11 Days and is classified as the Indian Non-Government Company.

Mithat Limited is registered at Registrar of Companies, Mumbai (RoC-Mumbai) in the year 1942. The contact details of the company are mentioned in the contact section or you could contact them by submitting the request for quote form on their website.

  • Mithat Limited Overview

    General Details

    Company name Mithat Limited
    Ownership Type private  
    Primary Business type mca provider 
    Category Company limited by guarantee 
    Sub Category Indian Non-Government Company 
    Main Language English
    Corporate Identification Number (CIN) U99999MH1942PTC003637 
    Year of Establishment 18/07/1942 
    Age of Company 81 Years 4 Months 11 Days  
    Primary Location  
    Date of Balance sheet  
    Date of Last Annual General Meeting


    Financial Details

    Authorised Capital (Rs.)
    Paid up capital (Rs.)
    Total Obligation of Contribution (Rs.)
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    Registration Details

    Registration Year


    Registration authorities


    Registered for activities 99999 
    Registration Type Company Registration

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Contact Details

Company Name : Mithat Limited
Email :
Website :
Address :
City :
Country : India

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FAQ - Mithat Limited

  • What is the CIN number of Mithat Limited and its incorporation date?

    The CIN number of Mithat Limited is U99999MH1942PTC003637 and it was incorporated on 18/07/1942.

  • Where is Mithat Limited registered?

    The company Mithat Limited is registered with RoC-Mumbai and its primary location is in the country India.

  • What is the paid-up and authorized capital of Mithat Limited?

    The paid up capital of Mithat Limited is INR 0 and its authorized capital is 0.