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Service Provider of research & development organizations

S. NO. 112/1,,OPP. PRAGATI STEEL, AT-BANER, TAL-HAVELI,Pune,Maharashtra,INDIA,411045
  • Registration Date : 10/10/2013
  • Registration No: 149100

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RISING INDIA RESEARCH FOUNDATION is a private company. Its registered address is S. NO. 112/1,,OPP. PRAGATI STEEL, AT-BANER, TAL-HAVELI,Pune,Maharashtra,India,411045. It was incorporated in 10/10/2013.

This company is registered under Registrar of Companies (RoC-Pune) and it is classified as the Indian Non-Government Company.

Its authorized capital is Rs. 0 and its paid up capital is Rs. 0.

RISING INDIA RESEARCH FOUNDATION Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is U73100PN2013NPL149100 and its registration No. is 149100.

Current status of RISING INDIA RESEARCH FOUNDATION is - Active.

We are the leading service provider for research & development organizations in India.

General Details



trade service provider 

S. NO. 112/1,,Pune,Maharashtra,411045 

Company limited by guarantee 

Indian Non-Government Company 




5 Years 9 Months 10 Days  




Registration Details

Company Registration



Agriculture and engineering & technology, research and experimental development,Medical sciences, research and experimental development,Natural sciences, research and experimental development,Research and experimental development of agriculture and engineering & technology,Research and experimental development of medical sciences,Research and experimental development of natural sciences,Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering (NSE). 





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Why Us

We are a reliable organization engaged in trade service provider a qualitative range of industrial products . We are also one of the leading companies of this highly commendable range of products. Our team of experts maintain a vigil on the quality of the products. Every single piece of work is ensured with proper quality assurance. Since our inception in 10/10/2013, we are continually improving our quality to serve our clients better. Use of modern technology, industry standards, timely and quality deliveries, experienced workforce are our USPs.

Aim / Vision

Our mission is to be a leading trade service provider providing superior quality products and services at competitive prices. We want be a globally innovative and competitive business providing 100% genuine services to our customers. We are committed to total customer satisfaction by providing quality products & services.

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Signatory Details

S.No Director Name DIN Designation Date of Appointment


S.No Charge ID Charge Date Charge Amount Secured Charge Holder Address

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