Shree Anand Cotton Mills Limited is a private limited company based in India and it was incorporated officially on 03/09/1941. The corporate identification number (CIN) of this company as per the official records is U99999MH1941PTC003409 and the company registration number is 003409.

Shree Anand Cotton Mills Limited is a mca provider company with the industrial and NIC / SIC code of 99999 as per the official records. The company was registered in the year 1941 and its authorized share capital is INR 0 and paid up capital is INR 0. The company's business is based in the city of . The company is duly registered at Registrar of Companies, Mumbai (RoC-Mumbai) and is classified as the Indian Non-Government Company.

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About Shree Anand Cotton Mills Limited

Shree Anand Cotton Mills Limited is an Indian private company incorporated on 03/09/1941 and The current age of the company as per its registration date is 81 Years 23 Days and is classified as the Indian Non-Government Company.

Shree Anand Cotton Mills Limited is registered at Registrar of Companies, Mumbai (RoC-Mumbai) in the year 1941. The contact details of the company are mentioned in the contact section or you could contact them by submitting the request for quote form on their website.

  • Shree Anand Cotton Mills Limited Overview

    General Details

    Company name Shree Anand Cotton Mills Limited
    Ownership Type private  
    Primary Business type mca provider 
    Category Company limited by guarantee 
    Sub Category Indian Non-Government Company 
    Main Language English
    Corporate Identification Number (CIN) U99999MH1941PTC003409 
    Year of Establishment 03/09/1941 
    Age of Company 81 Years 23 Days  
    Primary Location  
    Date of Balance sheet  
    Date of Last Annual General Meeting


    Financial Details

    Authorised Capital (Rs.)
    Paid up capital (Rs.)
    Total Obligation of Contribution (Rs.)
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    Registration Details

    Registration Year


    Registration authorities


    Registered for activities 99999 
    Registration Type Company Registration

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Contact Details

Company Name : Shree Anand Cotton Mills Limited
Email :
Website :
Address :
City :
Country : India

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FAQ - Shree Anand Cotton Mills Limited

  • What is the CIN number of Shree Anand Cotton Mills Limited and its incorporation date?

    The CIN number of Shree Anand Cotton Mills Limited is U99999MH1941PTC003409 and it was incorporated on 03/09/1941.

  • Where is Shree Anand Cotton Mills Limited registered?

    The company Shree Anand Cotton Mills Limited is registered with RoC-Mumbai and its primary location is in the country India.

  • What is the paid-up and authorized capital of Shree Anand Cotton Mills Limited?

    The paid up capital of Shree Anand Cotton Mills Limited is INR 0 and its authorized capital is 0.