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Find and qualify existing and potential suppliers of your products from India. Evaluate, connect and source products from your selected suppliers.

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For first time importers from India, utilize services of expert trade providers to enable and facilitate efficient and effective sourcing of your products from India.

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Analyze market competitiveness by reviewing current and historical trade stats for your products. Browse trade resources to get regulatory information for your products.

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Connect2India opens up a world of opportunity

We are a only B2B platform focusing solely on the needs of Indian SME's to help to promote and grow their business in India as well as overseas. Verified suppliers from India as well as 20+ countries are listed to connect and trade and grow their exports / imports. Also India trade data (Historical + real time) is provided to analyze target market and global demand of your product.

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Find potential and existing Indian suppliers and exporters of your products from our comprehensive database. We provide you tools to search, filter, sort and hone in on specific suppliers based on industrial sector, product details, company details, trade details and much more.

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Evaluate and qualify suppliers using multiple data points from multiple data sources. View detailed records that reveal all the important information for companies from registration details to certifications, memberships and detailed contact information.

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Have access to contact information for real and relevant people at Indian suppliers, exporters and manufacturers. Contact the right people at the right companies for better and faster decision making for your sourcing requirements.


Easily generate lists of verified Indian exporters of your products. Quickly update your database with new sourcing leads with complete contact information of the verified exporters from India of your products.

Expand your list of verified Indian suppliers who can adhere to your product requirements, including quantity, specification and quality standards. View real time import demand on India, Country wise export demand

Here's Why You Should Connect With Us

We provide you with the competitve edge over others. All the current B2B platform has lot of issues which ultimately leads to customer dissatisfaction. We bring you a ene-2-end integrated platform that will lead the way to new busines oppurtunities, help you with decision making and will completely revolutionise the world of trading. We also fulfill the shortcoming that are currently present in most of the b2b platfoms

The existing global and regional B2B directories, though large, well-established and successful, do not necessarily provide accurate, relevant and required data. These directories provide only basic search functionality, resulting in inaccurate and irrelevant data returned to buyer and irrelevant inquiries received by suppliers.

based on key attributes such as established year, number of employees, production capacity, ISO certifications, number of years exporting, volume exported, countries exported etc.

The specialized directories provides accurate, relevant and valid data, however, these are not available for all industry sectors and most importantly the coverage percentage of small & medium enterprises in these directories is very low, hence these directories do not cover all raw materials in a specified industry.

The non-integration of safe and specialized sourcing makes search, shortlist and select procedure cumbersome and time-consuming for both buyers and suppliers. Even if buyer is able to shortlist those verified suppliers who would meet his specific requirements, the absence of smart data (such as freight quotes, export history, reviews, ranking etc.) restrict buyer to select best supplier(s).

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