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About Windcheater and Indian Windcheater export market

India's total export for Windcheater is worth 9.01 USD Million in 2016, which when compared to the previous year’s export stats has increased by 178.09%

Windcheater is exported from India majorly to USA, France, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Russian Federation , for which the combined export value from India to these countries stands at 5.52 USD Million, which is 61.27% of India’s total exports for this commodity.

What is the export duty for Windcheater in India?

Export duty for Windcheater is levied by the government when the product is exported from India to other countries. Windcheater comes under {{multiple}} HS Codes which includes 62029310, etc. This tool helps you to find out custom duty/ export duty that one has to pay while exporting Windcheater from India.

Connect2India additionally explains varied duties and taxes obligated on the export of Windcheater from India. It additionally helps you with the composition of export order for Windcheater, paying tariff and taxes for Windcheater, obtaining custom clearances for Windcheater and assist you with different procedures relating to the export of Windcheater in India. Connect2India helps you to find out the export duty of Windcheater from India to any other country. It also gives information about Windcheater exporting procedure in India, exporting rules and regulations in India for exporting Windcheater.

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Export duty under HS CODE 62029310


Under HS Code 62029310, the DBK rate for Windcheater is :

Ser No Notification no DBK Description DBK Rate Specific Rate unit
620205D 12020/3/2016-IT OF WOOL .8 29.6 PCS
620206A 12020/3/2016-IT OF BLEND CONTAINING WOOL AND MMF 8.5 190 PCS
620206B 12020/3/2016-IT OF BLEND CONTAINING WOOL AND MMF 2.4 53.6 PCS
620206C 12020/3/2016-IT OF BLEND CONTAINING WOOL AND MMF 3.4 106.4 PCS
620206D 12020/3/2016-IT OF BLEND CONTAINING WOOL AND MMF .8 25 PCS
620299A 12020/3/2016-IT OF OTHERS 7.5 100 PCS
620299B 12020/3/2016-IT OF OTHERS 2 26.7 PCS
620299C 12020/3/2016-IT OF OTHERS 3.4 63.5 PCS
620299D 12020/3/2016-IT OF OTHERS .8 14.9 PCS
620201A 12020/3/2016-IT Of Cotton 7.7 103 PCS

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People Also Ask

What is India's export value for Windcheater?

India exported Windcheater in 2016, valued at 9.01 USD Million. The export of Windcheater increased by 178.09% as compared to the last year 2015.

Which country is the largest importer of Windcheater from India?

USA is the largest importer of Windcheater from India. India exported around 143230 quantity of Windcheater in the year 2016, valued at 2.16 USD Million to USA.

Who pays export duty for Windcheater?

The export duty for Windcheater is paid by the exporter of the Windcheater.

Is GST applicable on exports in India?

Yes, GST is applicable on exports in India and is 5%, 12%, 18% and 28% depending upon HS Code of Windcheater.

Is GST required for export?

Yes, GSTIN and IEC documents are required for exporting Windcheater products.

Real time Export Data for Windcheater

S. No Date Product Code Product Quantity Value (INR in Million) Origin Port Destination Port
2016-11-19 62011390 MENS F/S WINDCHEATER JACKET 100 % POLYESTER -WOVEN 2 0.0018 Delhi Air Cargo HONG KONG
2016-11-11 62011390 MENS F/S WINDCHEATER JACKET 100 % NYLON- WOVEN 89 0.0709 Delhi Air Cargo HONG KONG
2016-11-11 62011390 MENS F/S WINDCHEATER JACKET 100 % POLYESTER -WOVEN 205 0.1807 Delhi Air Cargo HONG KONG
2016-11-09 62019990 100% POLYESTER WOVEN MENS WINDCHEATER 183 0.1072 Tuticorin ICD Jebel Ali
2016-11-07 62019300 WINDCHEATERS : MAN-MADE FIBRES 9800 2.6479 Tughlakabad Colombo
2016-11-04 62019300 WINDCHEATERS : MAN-MADE FIBRES 7200 1.9454 Tughlakabad Colombo

Top Importers for Windcheater

S. No Country Quantity Value (USD in Million)
USA 143230 2.16
France 134130 1.62
United Kingdom 25590 0.66
United Arab Emirates 78550 0.58
Russian Federation 26270 0.5
Spain 69020 0.49
Canada 20910 0.44
Nepal 59330 0.4
Sri Lanka 60340 0.28
Czech Rep. 7860 0.25
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Top ports to export Windcheater

S. No Origin Port Quantity Value (INR in Million)
TUGHLAKABAD 17000 4.5932
DELHI AIR CARGO 296 0.2533
TUTICORIN ICD 183 0.1072