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Just calculate the exact price of the product you're about to export to the other country with applicable tariff rates in their currency with our export price calculator.

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Now, you don't need to spend your precious time calculating prices with all applicable rates when you can easily do it online correctly..

  • Simplified Metrics
    Connect2india provides you with easy calculation tools and resources for shipping your goods and products smoothly from one place to another
  • All tools at one place
    Don't waste time by roaming from web to web when you can find and calculate all prices including GST, Custom Duties, Freight rates, Anti-Dumping Duty etc., all at one-stop platform.
  • Tailored to specific needs
    Calculate the net price of the product on specific or ad valorem basis, i.e. on the value of goods, and get the final transactional value of the product to be imported/exported
  • Looking to Export your product?

    We provide end to end trade services under one roof, right from making you export-ready to initiating shipments of your goods at the right time, right place and right price with all custom clearing charges.

    Why Connect2India tools?

    Cloud - based

    With our tools that are available on a single unified platform for all, you can access the required data anywhere, anytime.

    Quote Instantly

    Get the best rates for all types of your products, with our digital tools and make instant request for quotation.

    Right Price

    Determine the right export selling prices of your products with no extra costs or margins.

    Get the gross rate

    You will get only the net product price of the product you fill in with no extra costs.

    Save time

    Saves your time by managing, shipping, tracking and deciding rates of your products on-the-spot with no hassle.

    Incoterm enabled calculation

    Incoterms play an important role in deciding the product. Get only the relevant selling prices of the product based on it.

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