Export Services

If you are already trading in India or know the type of export support you are looking for, this is you where can find out about the Export Services that Connect2India can provide to support your export business.

Entry into local Market

When you’re ready to enter the market you just need the right expertise to engage and get global buy leads from around the world. You need to explore all informal and formal business networks and all local business channels to enter into the new market. Our business channel will help you to maintain useful local contacts such as agents and distributors, accountants, lawyers, advisory services, shippers, translators, trade professionals etc.

  • Start-up support
  • Contact Services
  • Professional Business Services

Progression in Market

The priority is to enhance all possible marketing opportunities and establish your business’s physical presence to penetrate deep in the market and capture new business possibilities inall regions. The market share is to be maintained consequently. Joint venture partnerships with local companies is massively encouraged inlcuding launch of new products and strengthening local marketing strategies, thus, which is very helpful for expansion for businesses.

  • Geographical Market Penetration
  • Strengthening partnerships, products & services

Promotional marketing strategies

Awareness needs to be created first in all business spheres and exclusive engagement with relevant business professionals forms an important part of designing export marketing strategies. What all we can provide top you includes stock and export market briefings as well .

  • In-Market Briefings, Seminars, Events
  • Delegations and Missions

Regional Market Expansion

Just when you have analysed all the possible markets, next step is to tap the regional market opportunities with the help of local trade experts available at Conect2india. We as a strong support base will help you explore possible outcomes of local market activities to be undertaken with all advices and

  • Regional Contacts
  • Access to support in regional markets

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