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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to find right distributor and supplier?

You can find suppliers for all products and raw materials in the India, but recruiting a right one can be a big challenge as there are so many unprincipled organizations which can harm your business, either intentionally or unintentionally. A perfect guidelines and checklist is required to decide the right distributor you're willing to trade with.

India Trade Services (ITS) have earned long experience in the Indian market and has build an excellent recruiting system through which we can provide you the best supplier in the industry.

What challenges are faced in selecting market?

Marketing is the process of managing and utilization of firm’s resources to meet the opportunities and threats in a dynamic environment to the satisfaction of consumer needs and wants so that the objectives of the enterprise, the consumer and society are achieved.

Exporting Marketing is basically a storage that allows a company or a business to increase market share. In other words, export marketing means exporting goods to other countries of the world as per the procedures framed by the exporting country as well as the importing country. Export marketing offers various advantages to the national economy. It includes the management of marketing activities for products which cross the national boundaries of a country.

The most important factor in export marketing is the government assistance needed to access foreign markets. According to a survey, small businesses account 97% of all United States exports.

Challenges in Export Marketing

  • Problems in Products standards: The countries which are already developed insist high product standards from developing countries in India. These products of developing countries are subject to product tests in the importing countries.
  • Problem in preparing documents: Exporting products involving a large number of documents. The exporter will have to arrange export documents required in his country. In India, there are 25 documents for exporting purposes.
What steps should be followed for import and export management?

International institute of import and export management(iiiem) providing the whole cycle of import and export of goods. In export and import management including the following steps:

Basics of international trade

  • International Law,Indian Law and Foreign Trade Policy
  • Role of Indian Govt. Organizations & Applicable Acts: Ministry of Commerce, DGFT, RBI, Customs, Excise, FEMA Act.
  • History & Trends of Indian Economy

Processing an Export Order

  • Preparation & Submission of Post Shipment Documents under Various Payment Terms
  • Local Transportation & Logistics Management
  • Post Payment Formalities with Bank

Government of India's Policy on Export Incentive

  • Procedure to Obtain Digital Certificate for Online Application
  • Pre-shipment & Post-shipment Export Incentives
  • Foreign Trade Policy & Export Incentive Schemes
  • Online Submission of Documents for Claiming Export Benefits

International Marketing and Product Selection

  • Importance of Trade Fairs & Exhibitions in Export Promotion
  • Selection of product for Export & Identifying potential Markets for Export
  • Method of Promotion in International Market
What is the role of Export Inspection Agency?

Export Inspection Agency issues a certificate of inspection, certifying that the consignment has been inspected as required under the Export or Quality Control and Inspection Act, 1963. Export Inspection Agency is controlled by Export Inspection Council (EIC). Under export promotion council, there are around 40 sub offices which are actively involved in quality control, shipment inspection and certification with many laboratories countrywide. These offices are engaged in consignment-wise inspection, self-certification scheme and in-process quality control. All the inspection and certification activities are carried out through the export inspection agency following either a consignment-wise inspection or a system approach to include In-process Quality Control (IPQC), Self-Certification and Food Safety Management Systems based Certification (PSMSC). There are two types of certificates of origin in India- one that is issued by chamber of commerce and second origin is issued by Export Inspection Agency. Some of the importing countries custom insist either of them to certify the country of origin of goods. Basically, Export Inspection Council promotes manufacturer exporters to implement best quality management system to produce a consistent quality product to meet buyer’s specification to gain confidence of the buyer. For example, if you want to export hot rolled steel coil from india, you must get export inspection done and thus, must acquire a certificate of inspection.

Services by Export Inspection Agency

Recognition of Inspection Agencies as per ISO 17025 and laboratories as per ISO 17020 and utilizing them for testing and export inspection. Export Inspection Agency are backed by qualified technical manpower, having nearly forty years experience of quality control and inspection of notified commodities including their testing as per international standards or the foreign buyers specifications.