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The question: What export help and services does Connect2India provides?


Many Indian manufacturers and suppliers wish make their reach in global market but they don't know the right practices used in export business these days. This industry has been developed very fast. Due to the overall development, competition is at its peak in the global market, in every sector. If you want to export your product to the overseas market you need to look into many perspectives.

A company which has no much experience in the international trade need to perform a deep research and analysis which also might have many errors. Also it's full of risk.

Connect2India makes useful effort to help such Indian organizations who has no much experience in export and import. Our trade service providers who specializes in import and export make your exports from India easy and efficient by offering the following services-

We Offers:

  • Trademark Right
  • Export Counselling
  • Management Solution
  • Export Agent

We also offer other products like real time import shipment data, indian export data, Indian import data. Past 5 years of historical data with their price and trends analysis.

Why to export from India

The question which comes very first to the mind of business owner, why invest time and costs in exporting goods outside the country. Questioning it is worth to businesses who have established their brand in domestic market through improved sales. Well, there are many relevant answers to this like-

Revenue growth

First is- increased revenue. If you are capable enough to recognize the right export opportunities, then you can achieve the great success in the form of increased sales and revenue. There's a huge list of growing economies with improved GDP growth rate who are ready to buy your products and services. No matter what products you offer, there are lots of opportunities in the international market to sale your products and services.

Beating domestic and international competition

Even if you don't export your products or services in the outer world, you're already competing with the international businesses that have entered your domestic market. By choosing export to the grounds such countries, you might be opening several ways of being competitive at your domestic market.

Companies which export its products in outer world, often use to be well awarded with different markets, products demands, marketing trends and all. All these factors can help you in winning over your competitors in the domestic as well as international market, and can provide the substantial recognition to your business.

Export leads to market independence

A business export to the international market will no longer be dependent on one market. It has lots of options.

There are lots of other benefits which export can bring to your business andTrade Service Providerwill be more than happy to help you with high quality market research, real time consultancy and other required resources.

Export opportunities

Indian manufacturers should look at the export opportunities from India which is growing much fast and contain huge profit potential. Indian products have huge demands in various growing economies.The most exported products from India include- mineral fuels, mineral oils, coal, natural or cultured pearls, precious or semiprecious stones, jewelry clad with precious metals, automotive parts and accessories, iron and steel, organic chemicals, fertilizers, copper etc. If your business belongs to any one of these, you can tap on export with no problem. Even if you offer products and services in different industry,Trade Service Providercan provide you help needed in recognition of best opportunities throughThe research and global network.

Trademark Rights

While exporting to the foreign market, Indian businesses must be careful about their trademark rights. It must be protected by the company in order to keep the brand originality. Many big organizations have experienced this in the past. There are different laws in the various countries for product's trademark. One must know the policy and protective ways before export.

ITS can help in protecting trademark rights through its deep knowledge and huge circle in the foreign market.

Export Counselling

Connect2India offers export counselling to Indian business which helps not only in easy export of the products but also marketing their companies in the foreign local market.Trade Service Providerconsult them in setting appropriate arrangement as per the environment and requirement in specific market.

We provide the personalized counseling for the export, to Indian manufacturers and suppliers.The services include the planning and strategy for logistics, market entry, financing, dispute resolution and all. Business which are new to export often have various queries and doubts, which is solved byThe professional team with the help of export training, proper guidelines, set of instructions and real time research data.Trade Service Providerstay with you from the very starting steps to whole export process whether it be selecting right market, products, analysis, generating export plan.

A beginner who decides to export may caught in doubts like is he really prepared for export, what are the possibilities and what opportunities available for his products and service in foreign markets. Exporting needs a prepared mind set, whichTrade Service Providerbring to you with the help of quality export training programs designed byThe team. These programs will give a push into the export world by clearing your doubts and gaining confidence. You will know the exact next step in the wide procedures.Trade Service Providerhave team of experienced trade counselors who will assist you in your first export sale. Not only that,Trade Service Providerwill put the way to success in exporting from India, before you.

Main areasTrade Service Providerprovide counseling for, are as below-

Evaluating the export readiness

Before getting into the export, assessing the strength and weakness is a good idea. By this step you can improve your chances for success.Trade Service Providerhelp you to identify the areas of your business which needs improvements like company's current sales strategy, production capacity, technical support etc.Trade Service Providerstudy the current international business plan of company and suggest the corrections. AlsoTrade Service Providercheck whether your current financial resources are sufficient for moving further in export or not. Guidance is offered also for export oriented dedicated staff.

Export strategy

For gaining success in international trade, a full proof plan and strategy is required which could help in starting and expanding your business in international market.Trade Service Providerhelp you in generating a result oriented international business plan. AlsoTrade Service Providerreview the existed strategies and offer cost-effective solutions. It will contain all parts like product/services, operations, financial resources, industry structure, selection of target markets, products pricing, market statistics, competitiveness etc.

Market research

Our team of professionals offers quality research which would bring you the up-to-date market intelligence with the help of which you can identify and target the international markets which are best for your business. Market research helps you in recognizing the best opportunities and making informed business decisions. While conductingThe research processTrade Service Providertake the market potential your client's product and business needs into the account. Team generates report including opportunities and corresponding challenges. The whole process will bring you the solutions like-

  • Evaluating sales potential in foreign market
  • Selection of best target markets
  • Strategies for products distribution in targeted market
  • Selection of best channels for providing products
  • Identification of weak points
  • Solutions for possible obstacles like regulations as per the targeted country's government, duties etc

Preparation as per the products/services

By knowing the characteristics of your targeted market, you can be able to prepare your products for export. As per research you can have clear idea whether the products need any kind of modification so that it could satisfy the needs of international markets. This is how, international markets are different from domestic market. To make products usable as per the demands of foreign markets, company must have technical resources. If not so in any case,Trade Service Providerwill provide you help in selecting customers with same demographic characteristics and products specifications as of yours.The team will outline the areas which could help in deciding-

Whether your products could satisfy the foreign needs or they need some modification.

What specific features your products should have.

You also need to consider the government's policies and regulations of buyer's country, preferences of buyer, geographic conditions and living standards of the country.

Products distribution and pricing

You need to determine products pricing and the best way of distribution into the foreign market.Trade Service Providerhelp you with channels selection, selection of potential distributors and partners and meeting with overseas partners.

Our long experience in the field have earned us global network which helps us in finding the best distributors for your business.The team conducts international partner search save you both time and cost. These distributors are not only interest in your business but also are capable enough to represent your products in the overseas market. After selecting set of potential distributors and agents,Trade Service Providerarrange your meetings so that you could make your judgment yourself and make further strategy. If traveling is not possible due to the budget limit, there's option of video conferencing.

Help with e-business

Today, almost every type of business can be handled online. Conducting your business online can cause you increased productivity with time & cost savings.Trade Service Providerhelp you in preparing plan and strategy for your online business. You could have online presence of your business and required enhancements to it. Also security of your web properties is offered by us. by choosing e-business option, you become free of limited time and office hours boundations. Marketing, promotion and sales, all can be done online. Also you can enhance your reach to different markets by using multi-lingual websites.

International logistics

Exporting to outer countries goes under commercial transactions, and needs proper documentations, labeling and insurance. Depending upon exporter's capability, he can choose options like hiring freight forwarders arrange its own shipping or could use the mail services. Whatever option you chose you must know the essential export terms (also known as Incoterms).Trade Service Providerassist you in selecting the appropriate terms, as per your convenience. International logistics also demands for HS numbers which is assigned to the exporter and is a must for export. Also you should determine the tariff rate and import fees for the country you are planning to export to. Let us assist you in all these areas.

Management Solution

Connect2India is always ready to provide management solutions to the Indian manufacturers and distributors looking to start the export to the global market or improve their international trade. To establish a very effective identity in the overseas market, businesses need to maintain all the things like- quality of products, on-time delivery, suppliers list, branding etc.

ITS provide the high quality management solutions to the Indian companies trading with global market.Trade Service Providermanage the quality of the products by monitoring the production and diverse checks before, during and after the production.Trade Service Providerhelps the business to handle their old and searching new suppliers, negotiating for good pricing and time of delivery etc.

Our export management solutions ensure the compliance with regulations and provide great help in the various parts of export procedures like-

  • Products research and analysis
  • Market research
  • Export documentation
  • Customs related processes

There are lots of time-consuming tasks which contain so much complexity and required to be done with a time limit.The management solutions will save you much time and efforts by handling such tasks.

We offer a web-based environment which makes the export management easy and fast. It contains solutions like- export screening, documentation, product classification, license management etc. All solutions are provided on one integrated system.