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The question: Does Connect2India provides qualified sales leads?


Export sales lead is the recognition of a unit who wants and capable to purchase the product or service of exporter or seller. This is considered as the first step of sales process. After this exporters or sellers tried their best to convert this lead into successful export deal.

Lead Generation

The recognition of sales lead is known as lead generation. This process is conducted either by internet research or marketing or sales organization.

Qualifying Sales Leads

The process of determining whether a sales lead has the potential to become a prospect is known as "qualifying" the lead. A sales lead should be qualified by the seller before making first contact. Since the buyer and the seller are from different countries, so communication may be a problem. So it is advisable to know more about the customer's actual need.

Sending Acknowledgement

When an exporter receives a lead it is essential for him to acknowledge the enquirer within 2 days after receiving the enquiry. Through this an exporter can give more detail of his product. Acknowledgement can be send by fax or e-mail.

Always Maintain the Quality of Products

If you always maintain the quality of your products, it's build up the long term relation between both the parties.

Follow Ups

Do not think that your work is finished after the sale of product. You should always be in contact with your customer. But one thing always remembers that, all you need to do is simply ask for a follow up date and time.