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Frequently Asked Questions

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What export help and services does Connect2India provides?

Many Indian manufacturers and suppliers wish make their reach in global market but they don't know the right practices used in export business these days. This industry has been developed very fast. Due to the overall development, competition is at its peak in the global market, in every sector. If you want to export your product to the overseas market you need to look into many perspectives.

A company which has no much experience in the international trade need to perform a deep research and analysis which also might have many errors. Also it's full of risk.

Connect2India makes useful effort to help such Indian organizations who has no much experience in export and import. Our trade service providers who specializes in import and export make your exports from India easy and efficient by offering the following services-

We Offer:

  • Trademark Right
  • Export Counselling
  • Management Solution
  • Export Agent
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What are the legal considerations during export and import?

Understanding the legal and regulatory environment in all countries to which you would like to export is vital. We can help get your paperwork in place and put you in touch with international lawyers should it be required.

Things to consider:

Are your product compliance certificates and liability cover valid overseas? Check your intellectual property rights and registered trademarks.

When getting ready to sell overseas, consider whether your website and transactions through the website comply with similar regulations existing in foreign markets? We know for instance that there are issues surrounding VAT and how it effects e-exporting that need to be taken into account.

How to get started with market research?

Our team of professionals offers quality research which would bring you the up-to-date market intelligence with the help of which you can identify and target the international markets which are best for your business. Market research helps you in recognizing the best opportunities and making informed business decisions. While conductingThe research processTrade Service Provider take the market potential your client's product and business needs into the account. Team generates report including opportunities and corresponding challenges. The whole process will bring you the solutions like-

  • Evaluating sales potential in foreign market
  • Selection of best target markets
  • Strategies for products distribution in targeted market
  • Selection of best channels for providing products
  • Identification of weak points
  • Solutions for possible obstacles like regulations as per the targeted country's government, duties etc
What documents are required for international trade?

Documents required for the international trade (Import Export)

  • Invoices- pro-forma, commercial etc.
  • Packing lists- warehouse or dock, receipt.
  • Bills of Lading (B/L)- Ocean Bill, Air bill, motor/truck bill, way bill
  • Certificates of origin (C/O)
  • Shipper's export declaration (SED)
  • Other certificates- Inspection, insurance, free sale, phytosanitary, authentication
  • Declaration of dangerous goods (DGD)
  • Miscellaneous- Duty drawback, letters of credit, ATA carnet
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