Arrange Export Order

Sit back and relax while we arrange the export orders for you, keeping your business requirements as our topmost priority

Generate Overseas Buyers Response

Interaction proceeds with your trade counterpart

As soon as real-time leads for your product(s) respond with their requirements, they are analysed, verified and then reponse is generated and sent to you in suitable form.

Respond To Overseas Buyers Response

Mutual responses generated on agreement

If the quotes requested by the buyers are valid as per your business requirements, we help you in proceeding two-way interactions with your counterpart.

Global Trade Consultant

Get export / import advice from our experts

Schedule a session with our export experts for all your queries. We provide help and solutions for end to end global trade services.

Real Time Freight Finder

Get all services at your doorstep

Find service providers who can help you with shipments and logistics

Overseas Sales Expert Network

Connect with Overseas customers

We will get you a native sales person in a country, who would reach out to the prospective buyer, generate leads, represent your products, and will do everything, right from the documentation, showing the samples, getting it inspected till the shipment of products.

Arrange Order From Potential Buyer

Global trade made super simple

With end to end global trade solutions from Connect2India, we enable Indian SMEs to start and grow their business globally. We provide Access to verified global buyers, Competitive trade insights, Product export report and also offer custom solutions to take your business to the next level!

Recommendation Engine & Predictive Selling

Find counterparts easily

Based on the importer \ exporter \ visitors activity on the platform, their search patterns, location and history, page and trade history, the proprietary engine recommends which product he should try exporting at which time and also suggests service providers or counterparts.

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