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Indian Exporters

A quick look at the import and export industry in India

Almost 10000 products to 190 countries is being exported by Indian manufacturers, suppliers and exporters. Exports from India have shown an elevation of 11.02% from 2018 to 2019. As per the Economic survey 2018 five states of India accounted for 70% of total exports, they were Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana and Gujarat.

We expect that India's exports will be touching new altitudes this year. Indian export is majorly uplifted by the sales of bio-chemicals, machinery, automobile, petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, textile and engineering goods. From 1957 to 2018 exports averaged 5520.43 USD Million but now in 2019 have reached the highest at 32550 million USD.

Indian commodities are at good global demand enhancing the global trade from India. Foreign markets are vibrant with Indian products. India is one of largest trading partners of many countries i.e. Bhutan, Guinea-Bissau, Afghanistan, Nepal and Nigeria. To see exact export statistics and total trade reports Visit our market analysis page.

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Fast facts about Indian Exporters:

  • India is the 3rd largest sugar exporter and has a market share of 5.9% of the $25 billion market.
  • Major export markets for Indian aluminium are USA (22%) and United Arab Emirates (12%).
  • India leads the way when it comes to rice exports and has 26.7% of the annual global total.
  • India is 4th largest exporter of refined petroleum with 5.3% share of a global export market.

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