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Indian suppliers

Connect2India helps global buyers around the world to find relevant and genuine suppliers in India for their sourcing requirements.

With an enormous population of Indian buyers and suppliers, India is the fastest growing large economy in the world. Here we are available to make Indian suppliers online and help them do import and export to and from India. Find here the relevant Indian wholesale suppliers for your relevant products. There are multiple types of material suppliers such as wholesale products suppliers, product distributors or vendors / dealers. The manufacturing capacity of any supplier depends upon the company size, number of clients, turnover etc. You can also find the list of products exported from India and by Indian suppliers at the market analysis page of Connect2India.

Connect2India also have reliable database of Indian marketers, dealers, distributors and wholesalers. We also provide end to end export and import assistance with the help of our trading platform.

Below is the business directory of Indian suppliers that assists manufacturers, buyers, overseas importers and other trade counterparts to trade with each other at a common reliable and transparent platform.

Exporters in India are making India grow economically and we are helping these individuals to grow their business geographically. We are one of the world's most trusted B2B platform for end-to-end export/import having 96,000+ registered users, with several paying SMBs across the globe. Moreover if you are a supplier you can also get your products listed and become visible to global buyers. Click here to list your company and get global visibility and much more.

To know more about Connect2India, Visit https://connect2india.com/in/index.html

Some facts about Indian suppliers and exports from India:

  • Biggest industries among Indian suppliers are Metals Alloys & Minerals, Apparel & Garments and Handicrafts & Decoratives.
  • Most exported products from India are Mineral fuels, Iron, Steel, Rice, Organic Chemicals and Cotton etc.
  • Connect2India has a database of over 1 Million+ suppliers across 1000+ Indian cities.
  • Apart from suppliers, we also provide India export data, India import data, Price and comparison analysis. You can get in touch with us if you are looking to export your products from India or import from Indian suppliers.

Indian importers

Are you an exporter looking for wholesale buyers? Are you looking to sell your products into India? Find below the importers and buyers directory of India. Connect2India provides you an international trading platform where you can find and connect with Indian companies. Search for your relevant import companies in India and start trading.

Connect2India lists down importers of various products from around 1000+ Indian cities at a single place. Search for your products to find relevant buyers / importers. Moreover you can also filter out the results based on many parameters such as trading history, city, financial holdings, date of company incorporation etc. In addition to this, we also provide 360 degree view on Indian importers such as their social media presence, office location, inspection services etc.

For suppliers around the world, they get complete overview of their potential customers. They may filter out the most relevant ones and may choose to contact them with a proposal.

Apart from this, Connect2India also provides all the data related to import into India, indian imports list, buying pattern of Indian importers, Most preferred nations for Indian buyers and much more insights. Visit our Market analysis page for detailed insights on import and export.

Below listed are the products for which connect2India provides buyers in India. You may see the products in multiple categories, or you can also browse through our list of products from here.

Do you know?

  • India has the import market of 507.44 billion USD.
  • There has been rise of 8.99% in Indian imports
  • Top exporting nation to India was China.
  • You may click here to find Indian buyers for your products Search through our historical and recent trade data and know market demand for your products. Visit our market analysis page to know more.

You may also find other trade counterparts on Connect2India such as Indian suppliers, Indian exporters, Indian manufacturers, Indian service providers, global importers, global service providers.

For more information on Connect2India, you may visit: https://connect2india.com/in/index.html

Indian Manufacturers

Manufacturers are the organization which makes products as per a defined methodology over a large scale (from raw materials to finished goods) for meeting clients demand and insistence.

Different types of Indian manufacturers are accessible depending on your requisite. Broadly classified as MTS (make to stock), MTO (make to order), MTA (make to assemble). Indian manufacturers have loomed as one of the most elevated sectors. Connect2India is providing the Indian manufacturers a support platform to grow and get global recognition. Indian and overseas buyers can access the database, view their products and get quotes directly from them for the products they are interested in. Investments in the Indian manufacturing sector have been on the rise, both domestic and foreign. By the end of 2020 it’s expected that India would be the 5th largest manufacturing company.

Global giants like Siemens, Toshiba, GE, HTC, and Boeing are either in process for setting up their plants in India or have already set up. FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in India has received a major boost in recent years.

Some facts about manufacturing industry in India

  • PMI of Indian manufacturing stood at 52.6 in March 2019.
  • Largest FDI inflow in Indian manufacturing sector is in the automobile industry, drugs and pharmaceutical, chemicals (other than fertilizers), food processing and electrical equipment production.

Manufacturers can register and list their products on Connect2India global trade platform which helps them to showcase their products globally. We also provide other global trade services such as trade finance, shipment solutions, logistics services, company inspections and many more. Moreover, the site visitors can get complete details of any manufacturing company in India with contact details, address, trade history, user reviews etc.

Indian Exporters

A quick look at the import and export industry in India

Almost 10000 products to 190 countries is being exported by Indian manufacturers, suppliers and exporters. Exports from India have shown an elevation of 11.02% from 2018 to 2019. As per the Economic survey 2018 five states of India accounted for 70% of total exports, they were Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana and Gujarat.

We expect that India's exports will be touching new altitudes this year. Indian export is majorly uplifted by the sales of bio-chemicals, machinery, automobile, petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, textile and engineering goods. From 1957 to 2018 exports averaged 5520.43 USD Million but now in 2019 have reached the highest at 32550 million USD.

Indian commodities are at good global demand enhancing the global trade from India. Foreign markets are vibrant with Indian products. India is one of largest trading partners of many countries i.e. Bhutan, Guinea-Bissau, Afghanistan, Nepal and Nigeria. To see exact export statistics and total trade reports Visit our market analysis page.

Apart from this, Connect2India also provides:

  • India import export data
  • Import export guidance
  • Insights on India manufacturing capability and exporting nations.
  • India export trends
  • Exporters available in India in various cities.
  • Knowledge about Import export business

Fast facts about Indian Exporters:

  • India is the 3rd largest sugar exporter and has a market share of 5.9% of the $25 billion market.
  • Major export markets for Indian aluminium are USA (22%) and United Arab Emirates (12%).
  • India leads the way when it comes to rice exports and has 26.7% of the annual global total.
  • India is 4th largest exporter of refined petroleum with 5.3% share of a global export market.

Global Exporters

Are you looking to source products from overseas nations? Are you looking to procure raw materials for your manufacturing requirements? Connect2India can help you in end to end export import process, from identifying the right suppliers, to getting your products to your desired location at the best price. Get started with us now or Contact us if you have any trading requirement and our expert will get back to you. Submit your import export requirement here

Every country is enriched with certain superiority in resources and skills which can be consigned to other countries resulting into global exports. Rather than importers, countries want to be net exporters because more the export more will be the domestic economic value. Global export also helps in more production and revenue. Exporting into world markets leads to higher profit margins.

Here at Connect2India we provide relevant and enormous data about actual overseas merchandisers available for export and import. Connect2India provide you strong global network for your business. This section provides you with the global database of exporters from various countries classified under different product categories such as metals. Alloys, handicrafts, machinery items etc.

In 2017 total trade was almost $34 trillion in which $17 trillion was contributed by exports. Top traded commodities include machine and technology (32.5%), fuel (14.4%), automobiles (8.9%), plastic (3.4%). Global exports allow companies to gain a competitive advantage in global trade. As per international trade data in 2018 US exported commodities of worth $2.5 trillion. Main exporting countries in global trade are European Union, United states, China, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, France and Netherlands.

Please find below the list of products under different categories for which we have exporters, to view the list of all product you may visit the following page, https://connect2india.com/global/all-export-import.html?category=product-exporters2&page=1



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