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How Export Finance Works

How Export Finance works:

  1. Fill up the form to apply
    Login to connect2India through the dedicated control panel and select the order against which export finance is needed. Select the finance method, category of product, payment terms and other options. Submit all the prerequisites for getting export finance in an online application form with complete business information and buyer details.
  2. Document submission
    Along with the filling of application form specific documents have to be submitted. Submit the required documents within the given format. Mandatory documents that are required for getting export finance are bill of exchange, bill of lading, Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, Insurance Certificate, Inspection Certificate etc.
  3. Verification and approval
    Our finance team will evaluate your application and will verify the documents submitted by you. Connect2India arranges export finance for the customer through its partners after complete verification and validation of documents. Once the documents are found relevant few more documents are required by financial institutions for further verification such as previous 3-5 years of profit and loss accounts, references from banks, yearly forecasts and budgets, current invoices from suppliers.
  4. Release of fund
    Post to the verification and approval, a contractual agreement results between trade counterparts, which specify all the terms and conditions about export finance. Then actual release of funds will be made. It will depend upon the type being chosen i.e. pre shipment export finance and post shipment export finance or all at once.