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we pay your outstanding invoices as soon as you ship the goods. We cover the buyers credit risk, so you can export with peace of mind.

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What is export finance

Export finance refers to financial help required by businesses for exporting their products to overseas countries. It assists small and medium-sized businesses grow globally by managing hard payment terms. It also helps businesses release working capital from cross-border or domestic trade transactions, that would otherwise be tied-up in invoices or purchase orders (for up to 180 days).

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Export finance products

Letter of Credit

An undertaking of the bank, which has opened a Letter of credit on request of a buyer to pay an amount to the seller.


Documentary Collection

The seller request payment from the buyer's bank which then releases payment on the basis of those documents.

Pre export finance

We davances funds to the exporters based on their export history. The fund is used to manufacture and supply goods to buyer.

Stock Finance

In this, the lenders purchase stock on behalf of buyers in both domestic and international market.


Structured finance

It is a complex form if financing which includes lending to borrowers through structures.

Supply chain finance

Supply chain finance is a cash flow management solution to free up working capital trapped in global supply chains.


Invoice finance

Under this, The lender pays upto 90% of the invoice amount as advance to the exporter.


The exporter does not receive payment for an order from the buyer unless the goods are sold!


Reverse factoring

The exporter receives finance in relation to the receivables. it allows businesses to get better finance terms.

How Export Finance Works


Online Application

User logs into his dedicated control panel and selects the order against which export finance is needed. The finance method, category of products, payment terms and other options are also selected by the user to start the online application process of export finance.


Documents submission

All the pre-requisite documents for getting export finance are submitted by the exporter in an online application form with complete business information and buyer details. Some documents required are bill of exchange, bill of lading, Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, Insurance Certificate, Inspection Certificate etc. View list of documents required for export finance here.


Get export finance

Connect2India arranges export finance for the customer through its partners after complete verification and validation of documents. A contractual agreement results between trade counterparts, that specify all the terms and conditions about export finance.



Ship your products with confidence. We are repaid directly by the buyer at the invoice due date. Once we have been paid by the buyer, we pay out the remaining value of invoice to you.

Export with confidence

How it Benefits Exporters

No tied up assets

Release working capital from cross border transactions that would otherwise be tied up in customer invocies and purchase orders.

Expand into new markets

Expand into new markets confidently knowing that — should a foreign buyer default — your business will be compensated up to 95 percent of your foreign invoice.

Sell more to existing customers

Existing buyers would buy more with an extension of credit terms, or an increase in the credit line offered. A safety net for business’ foreign receivables allows it to seize opportunities and increase sales.

Save resources

Exporters does not need to use administrative resources to collect the debt.

Financial guarantee

We provide financial guarantee and bridge the finance gap from outlay to payment.

Reduce dependencies

Avoids credit, currency and interest-rate risks in the settlement period.

Are you a supplier looking to get your export order financed? start your application now to get financed in as little as 15 days.

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Receive upto 80% of the invoice amount


Easy processing, minimal documentation


Buyer pays us later, at our risk.


No collateral required