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LCL-Less than Container Loads

LCL-Less than Container Loads

LCL is shipment term usually taken into use to describe container loads which may be filled by multiple or different orders of goods. Especially when the volume of the container is small, then it transported with the combination of other goods. It is more economical. LCL shipments are also known as groupage.

If an exporter does not have enough consignment to accommodate in a fully loaded container, then the booking of cargo has to be done with a consolidator. This type of shipment is called LCL i.e. less than container load shipment. Thus, on an LCL there is more than one consignment of various shippers with sharing costs. The freight forwarder is supposed to sort out these consignments at destination points for the consignees at port.

Following are the most common sizes of container:

  • 8ft shipping container – 8ft (2.43m) length x 7ft (2.20m) width x 7ft 6in (2.27m) height
  • 10ft shipping container – 9ft 10in (2.99 m) length x 8ft (2.44m) width x 8ft 6in (2.59m) height
  • 20ft shipping container – 20ft (6.06m) length x 8ft (2.44m) width x 8ft 6in (2.6m) height
  • 40ft shipping container – 40ft (12.2m) length x 8ft (2.44m) width x 8ft 6in (2.6m) height

Benefits of LCL

  1. Good for shipping small loads or low volume consignment and which would eventually cost less.
  2. Lowering sourcing risks from numerous suppliers to test stock.
  3. Shorter delivery time of the assignment.
  4. Less inventory management as the volume of the goods is low, therefore, inventory management of the warehouses is minimal.

Disadvantages of LCL

Since many products and consignments are shipped together, therefore, following are the major concerns of LCL:

  1. Contamination
  2. Spillage
  3. Logistical Issue
  4. Damage

When you should LCL

  • When your volume of consignment is less than the containers volume
  • When you have to book last minute shipments during the peak season
  • When the cargo volume is too high to fill with one consignment and too low to fill two consignments
  • When the cargo isn’t urgent i.e. fast delivery is not the priority

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