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Supply chain finance

What is Supply Chain Finance?

To free up working capital trapped in global supply chains, SCF is a cash flow solution that aids the same. Unlike other finance models, SCF focuses on both the parties or both sides of global trading. Suppliers and buyers get benefited from this model of finance. Apart from assisting the parties involved in the transaction. The solution would allow business which imports goods to unlock working capital by reducing the risk associated with buying goods in bulk and/or transporting them globally.

Once the buyer optimizes working capital and the supplier generates additional cash flow and minimising the risk associated with it.

How it works

  • 01
    Supply chain finance takes place amongst buyer, supplier and financier
  • 02
    Consignment is shipped and invoice is raised by the supplier for buyer
  • 03
    Supplier then submits the invoice to the finance provider or supply chain finance platform
  • 04
    Buyer further approves invoice over the supply chain finance platform
  • 05
    Financier pays the amount to the supplier after deducting the interest and fees
  • 06
    Financier debits the amount from buyer’s account at the invoice maturity

Benefits for buyers / importers

  • check_circle_outlineHelp to improve cash conversion cycle with extending of payment terms
  • check_circle_outlineEnhanced balance sheet
  • check_circle_outlinePromotes purchase in bulk to save costs
  • check_circle_outlineEnable to make payment to the supplier without a bank loan
  • check_circle_outlineProvide leverage to negotiate over price and conditions with suppliers
  • check_circle_outlineResults in strengthen relationships with exporter by providing financing options

What assets can be used as collateral?

  • check_circle_outlineGenerate cash flow by providing early financing and helps in shortening accounts receivables recovery time
  • check_circle_outlineHelps to mitigate risk of exchange rate fluctuations
  • check_circle_outlinePayment in supply chain finance helps to reduce dependency on buyer
  • check_circle_outlineIncrease in cash flow
  • check_circle_outlineDoesn’t cost any extra to the supplier
  • check_circle_outlineHelp to reduce financing costs

How do we help in Supply Chain Finance?

It is our job to find a funder who assist in managing finance for our clients. It can be achieved through structured trade finance, stock or invoice finance, from numerous lenders for a non-disruptive flow of global trading.

We offer an end-to-end solution for all the problems and make sure that the clients do not have to face any barriers or limitations in the process. Our team focuses on the client’s successful transaction without any hindrance.

Want to know more about supply chain finance? or looking for most suitable finance solution for you? Talk to our finance experts now.

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