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Certificate of origin

It is the document that certifies where the export commodity are manufactured originally. It is widely used in International trade transactions. It is required for import customs may be for all or may be for certain products. It is further classified as Non-preferable and preferable certificate of origin. It can be provided within two formats i.e. paper based certificate of origin or electronic certificate of origin. It is also used for claiming benefits under free trade agreements.

Certificate of Origin includes the following terms:

  • Name along with the logo of chamber of commerce
  • Name and address of the seller i.e. exporter
  • Name and address of the buyer
  • Port of loading
  • Vessel name and number
  • Discharge port
  • Date of departure
  • Description about packing
  • Number of containers along with packages
  • Detail of products in terms of quantity.
  • Signature of the concerned officer of issuing authority
  • Statement of the country of origin of products
  • Certificate number

Types of certificate of origin

Two types of certificate of origin can be issued by the chamber:

  • 1) Preferential certificates of origin: This certifies that products are subject to concession, reduced tariffs or exemptions when they are exported to overseas countries extending these privileges.
  • 2) Non-preferential certificates of origin: This certifies that the product’s country of origin does not qualify for any subject to reduced tariffs or preferential treatment. These are the main type which the chamber issues and are also known as ordinary or generic certificates of origin.

Benefits of certificate of origin

  • check_circle_outlineIt helps importer to save money on duties, and provide you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • check_circle_outlineProtects you in case of legal regulations and customs audits.
  • check_circle_outlineReduce the risk of being subject to duty reassessments
  • check_circle_outlineReliable to the greatest possible extent
  • check_circle_outlineProvides greater flexibility for the importers and customs
  • check_circle_outlineReduces costs
  • check_circle_outlineHelps to avail reduced tariffs and exemptions

Obtaining a paper certificate of origin

  • 01
    Fill out respective affidavit and have it notarized.
  • 02
    Provide manufacturer's invoice or commercial invoice which indicates where the goods are being manufactured.
  • 03
    Fill in the details within the certificate of origin document.
  • 04
    Take your notarized affidavit, certificate of origin application, and corresponding invoices along with you to chamber of commerce. Some chambers even allow you to email the soft copies of these documents.
  • 05
    If you choose to email the documents, you must indicate which document you would like to get stamped by them.

Obtaining an electronic certificate of originally

As the process of creating and filling a paper Certificate of Origin is time consuming and expensive thus, traders are creating electronic certificates of origin in spite of the paper one. With an electronic certificate of origin, you have to submit the required documents online and can get an electronic certificate stamped by a chamber of commerce in less than a day or, if you need, you can receive a paper certificate overnight.

Functions of certificate of origin

  • A) Certificate of origin is required to avail concession.
  • B) It facilitates the importer in terms to follow the rules and regulations of his country while importing certain products.
  • C) Customs of importers country allow accessing the concessional tariff only with production of this certificate
  • D) When products from particular countries are banned, buyer’s country demands for this certificate to ensure that banned countries are not trying to enter in terms of trade.
  • E) Exporting country may also insist on this certificate in terms to ensure that the products imported will not be reshipped again.

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