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  • 3D Sticker buyer

    Limo Deutschland

    Labels and stickers plastic three-dimensional (3D) buyer

    Address : Ringstra�e 35,18445 Kramerhof/Parow,Germany

    Other products imported by this importer
    Adhesive labels

    Adhesive labels

    Plastic labels

    Plastic labels

    importer of: Adhesive labels, Printing services for labels, Printing services for plastic labels, Printing specialities, Plastic labels...

    We are a high quality Labels and stickers plastic three-dimensional (3D) buyer. We import only quality Labels and stickers plastic three-dimensional (3D) for using it for industrial purposes. We order those products only after all quality and authenticity checks.

People Also Ask

Who are some of the largest importers of 3D Sticker?

United Arab Emirates(1.23 USD Million) , Bangladesh(0.72 USD Million) , Italy(0.36 USD Million) , Turkey(0.34 USD Million) , Russian Federation(0.33 USD Million) are among the top 3D Sticker importers in the world.

Does India export 3D Sticker?

yes, India export 3D Sticker worth 7.5 million dollar.

3D Sticker imports stats for United Arab Emirates from India in 2018?

The top 10 trading partners for India's 3D Sticker exports alone represents 57.33 percent of India's total 3D Sticker export volume.

United Arab Emirates ranked first in these trading partners by contributing 16.4% , of the overall 3D Sticker exports from India.

India export 3D Sticker to which country?

countries where India export 3D Sticker are United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh and Italy

3D Sticker importers

The top 10 countries which import maximum amount of 3D Sticker are

3D Sticker importers and buyers

Total of 146 countries is involved in import of 3D Sticker. Largest importing countries for 3D Sticker are United Arab Emirates(1.23 USD Million) , Bangladesh(0.72 USD Million) , Italy(0.36 USD Million) , Turkey(0.34 USD Million) , Russian Federation(0.33 USD Million) .

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Connect2India provides global importers for 3D Sticker from around the globe. It also gives information about 3D Sticker exporting regulations from India and helps in arranging export order of 3D Sticker from India to overseas country or vice versa.

Get collateral free export / import finance for your 3D Sticker shipments at Connect2India. You can also get importers from many countries for 3D Sticker products with their holistic profile including office addresses, contact details, email addresses and phone numbers. You can also view importer's trade history & patterns, financial and registration details. Connect2India helps you finding importers who source 3D Sticker products and have valid import history.

3D Sticker comes in a variety of size such as Length x Width, AS PER CUSTOMER REQUIREMENT. Also, 3D Sticker products come with multiple brands including Decoinn, Bashyam Graphic Technologies, CraftDev, Parshv Enterprise. Also, 3D Sticker products fall under Metal Stickers, 3D Dome Sticker category. Also, There are various colors in which 3D Sticker is available - Multicoloured, Red, Multi-Color, White, Pink, Grey & Wooden Color, 27, As per requirement, Multicolor, Any, Green, multi. Also, 3D Sticker products are available in various packaging types such as Packet, 3D, box, Poly, Box, card. Also, 3D Sticker is available in Round. Further, Bat Stickers, Wall, Office etc, Living Room, Ideal to Decorate Bedrooms, wall, Kids Bedroom are some of the applications where 3D Sticker could be used. Moreover, 3D Sticker is made of PC, PE Foam, PVC Sticker Sheet, Metal Alloy, Paper, Plastic.

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