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3d Books

3d Books Trade Data - Indian Ports

S. No Product Product Code Quantity Value (INR in Million) Unit Origin Port Destination Port
BOOK-3D COLORING BOOK - BOY 49011010 3 5.0E-4 PCS UNITED STATES Bombay Air Cargo

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There is a total of 79 countries India imports 3d Books from. The dollar value of 3d Books import in 2020-2021 (Apr-Nov) stood at 59.97 USD Million and 189.27 USD Million in 2018, which shows a growth of 1.66% from the previous year’s import value which was 186.18 USD Million in 2017. Year on year the import of 3d Books in India fell by -13.15% during 2014 to 2018.

Preferred nations for indian 3d Books buyers are United Kingdom (18.63 USD Million), USA (16.14 USD Million), China (6.22 USD Million), Germany (5.42 USD Million), Malaysia (4.02 USD Million) . These 5 countries in total sold 50.43 USD Million value of 3d Books to India which rounds up to 84.09% of the 3d Books import into India.

The data provided on the page shows the top 10 countries from where India imports 3d Books from. In the year 2020-2021 (Apr-Nov), India imported 3d Books worth 59.97 USD Million as compared to 189.27 USD Million in the year 2018.

Country Value (USD Million) Share (%)
United Kingdom 18.63 31.07
USA 16.14 26.91
China 6.22 10.37
Germany 5.42 9.04
Malaysia 4.02 6.7
Rep. of Korea 2.51 4.19
China, Hong Kong SAR 1.54 2.57
Singapore 1.08 1.8
Italy 0.69 1.15
TAIWAN 0.56 0.93

Among the top importing countries, India imported the highest dollar worth of 3d Books from United Kingdom with shipments in 2020-2021 (Apr-Nov) valued at 18.63 USD Million which is greater than the previous year 3d Books shipments from United Kingdom into India. In second place was USA, from which India imported around 16.14 USD Million worth of 3d Books. The top 10 countries shared 94.73% of the 3d Books import to India.

From the 3d Books importing nations of India, recorded the fastest growth in their 3d Books export to India with % rise in the 3d Books import to India.

Below is the list of all countries for 3d Books import to India.

Country Value (USD Million) Share (%)
United Arab Emirates 0.4 0.67
Russian Federation 0.36 0.6
Australia 0.35 0.58
Canada 0.34 0.57
France 0.29 0.48
Japan 0.25 0.42
Lebanon 0.22 0.37
Netherlands 0.16 0.27
Switzerland 0.16 0.27
Indonesia 0.12 0.2
Sri Lanka 0.1 0.17
Austria 0.07 0.12
Bangladesh 0.06 0.1
Spain 0.05 0.08
Belgium 0.04 0.07
Ireland 0.03 0.05
Thailand 0.03 0.05
Bahrain 0.02 0.03
Denmark 0.02 0.03
Sweden 0.02 0.03

Combinedly all the above countries exported 59.9 million dollar of 3d Books to India.

Yearwise analysis of 3d Books import to India

Below is the detailed list of 3d Books import to India with quantity, volume, price, origin port and the destination port.

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3d Books import analysis - Monthwise

The data shows the top 20 countries from where India imported 3d Books in November 2020.

  • India Imported 3d Books worth 3.57 USD million from USA in November 2020.
  • The total quantity of 3d Books imported from USA was 421740.
  • India imported 3d Books worth of 3.27 USD million in November 2020 alone from United Kingdom.
  • India has imported 3d Books value worth 0.81 USD Million from China in November 2020.
  • India imported a volume of 159200 metric tons of 3d Books from Germany in tNovember 2020 and was 4th in the list of countries India imported 3d Books from.
  • A total of 2315080 quantity of 3d Books was imported from the mentioned countries.
S.no. Country Qty Value(USD Million) Month year
USA 421740 3.57 November 2020
United Kingdom 923560 3.27 November 2020
China 720470 0.81 November 2020
Germany 159200 0.79 November 2020
Malaysia 90110 0.79 November 2020
Rep. of Korea 52850 0.45 November 2020
China, Hong Kong SAR 334920 0.16 November 2020
TAIWAN 39370 0.14 November 2020
United Arab Emirates 10800 0.13 November 2020
Singapore 18470 0.11 November 2020
Italy 4780 0.09 November 2020
Canada 1030 0.08 November 2020
Japan 2060 0.06 November 2020
Bangladesh 57940 0.03 November 2020
France 4680 0.03 November 2020
Netherlands 9240 0.03 November 2020
Australia 860 0.02 November 2020
Austria 1420 0.01 November 2020
Belgium 25660 0.01 November 2020
Nepal 600 0.01 November 2020

3d Books - Recent import data

3d Books in India is imported from more than 79 countries.

In FY 2020-2021 (Apr-Nov), Around 18.63 USD Million of 3d Books is imported to India from United Kingdom. It is around 31.07% of the total import of 3d Books.

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