Abc Bearing Export from India

Abc Bearing

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Abc Bearing Trade Data - Indian Ports

S. No Product Product Code Quantity Value (INR in Million) Unit Origin Port Destination Port
AUTOMPBILE SPARE PARTS - 32307 BEARING ABC 87089900 26 0.0173 NOS Cochin Sea Doha
AUTOMPBILE SPARE PARTS - 32308 BEARING ABC 87089900 26 0.0165 NOS Cochin Sea Doha
AUTOMPBILE SPARE PARTS - 6305 BEARING ABC 87089900 100 0.0173 NOS Cochin Sea Doha
AUTOMPBILE SPARE PARTS - 6379/6320 BEARING ABC 87089900 20 0.0332 NOS Cochin Sea Doha

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The following graphs and table will provide data on Abc Bearing export based on different Indian ports, top importing ports and top export shipments of Abc Bearing from India.

There are about 5 top exporting ports in India which trade Abc Bearing from India, Cochin Sea exports the majority of Abc Bearing shipments from India with the share of 72.0% , followed by Raxaul with 10.0%.

Moving to top importing ports for Abc Bearing from India. Doha port solely imports 21 shipments of Abc Bearing from India and holds the largest share of 72.0%.

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