Taiwan Top 10 Exports

In 2018, Taiwan, has exported goods of value 0.0 USD Million globally.

Given Taiwan's population of 23.58 Million, its total 28993 USD Million in 2018 export revenue interprets to roughly 1,229.56 USD for each resident within the country. Unemployment rate of a country is usually seen as a crucial indicator to depict the economic performance of a country. According to trading economics, it was found that the Taiwan was having an unemployment rate of 3.74% in the 2018.

Taiwan top exports

Below is the table showing top 10 product categories in Taiwan:

The top 10 exported products had brought in revenue worth 0 USD Million to Taiwan in the year 2018.

With an exceptional growth rate, its geographical location and access to different resources Taiwan has impressed the Global Traders in many ways. This goes without saying that Taiwan remains in the top charts of the export market.

The mentioned division of product shipped from Taiwan denotes the overall positive net exports. Net exports can be determined by deducting the value of total imports of the country from the country’s total exports.

USD Million trade deficit was incurred by Taiwan in 2018

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