Top 10 Taiwan Imports

Taiwan imported goods worth 0.0 USD Million in 2018 around the globe.

When seen from a celibate interpretation, �% of Taiwan’s overall imports in 2018 as per value was acquired from top 5 countries. Approximately % of imported commodities were supplied from while shipped products worth % to Taiwan. Adding on, these percentages were shipped from (%) along with (%) and (�%).

Given Taiwan's population of 23.58 Million, its total 28993 USD Million in 2018 import revenue interprets to roughly 1,229.56 USD for each resident within the country.

Taiwan top imports

Mentioned below are the top 10 product categories that Taiwan imports. In addition, it reflects the percentage share that each product category depicts in terms of Taiwan's overall imports.

Taiwan's top 10 imports had edged near �% of the overarching value of its product purchases from other countries.

Please note that the results listed above are at the 2-digit Harmonized Tariff System code level. Information presented under other virtual folder tabs is at the more granular 4-digit level.

Trade data of 2018 reveals that Taiwan importers have spent most amount on the following 10 subsections of .

Mentioned data along with the percentage gains clears that the strongest demand of goods lay in imports amongst the Taiwan businesses.

2018 trade data of Taiwan represents that the Taiwan importers has majorly spent a huge amount over the following 10 subclusters of products.

All these subcategories along with amounts as well as overall percentage gains clarifies that within Taiwan business and consumers the largest demand was for imports.

Taiwan importers had spent huge amount over the following 10 subcategories of in the year 2018.

Mentioned amounts along with the percentage gains clears that the strongest demand within Taiwan consumers was for imported .

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