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Connect2India is a global trade platform that helps you in exporting {{url.product}} from India. This page provide you details of export of {{url.product}} from India. You will find here export data and analysis from India, and other useful insights for exporting {{url.product}}.

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This is just a glimpse of information which Connect2india boasts of regarding import and exports of different products. This one is for export of {{url.product}}. We provide you with the detailed market analysis report for {{url.product}}, demand analysis of {{url.product}}, price trends of {{url.product}} and all the other necessary details related to export of {{url.product}}.

Connect2india also provides the list of the top importers of the {{url.product}} abroad, and also gives information about exporting procedure for {{url.product}} from India, exporting rules and regulations in India for exporting {{url.product}}, arrangement of mandatory paperwork, export documentation and other formalities required to export {{url.product}} from India and how to execute export order of {{url.product}} from India with help from our trade expertise.

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As an exporter of {{url.product}}, you should know the HS code of your products at first.

Some HS Codes corresponding to {{url.product}} are :

Product H.S Code
{{pro.value}} {{pro.id}} {{pro.id}}

Use our hs code finder tool to search for the hs codes of your product

NIC CODES for {{url.product}}

Product NIC Code
{{pro.name}} {{pro.id}}

Top Global Markets to Export {{url.product}} from India

S.NO. Country Quantity of export export value of {{url.product}}
export {{url.product}} from india to {{pro.country}} {{pro.qty}} {{pro.value}}

Product wise trends to Export {{url.product}} from India

S.NO. Code Name Quantity of export export value of {{url.product}}
{{pro.id}} {{pro.description}} {{pro.qty}} {{pro.value}}

Export duty of {{url.product}} under HS CODE {{key}}

Ser No Description Rate
{{pro.serial}} {{pro.productName}} {{pro.rate}}
Ser No Notification no DBK Description DBK Rate Specific Rate unit
{{pro.serial}} {{pro.notification_number}} {{pro.productName}} {{pro.rate}} {{pro.specific_rate}} {{pro.unit}}

Export from India to {{url.country}}

Export from India, trade data, insights for {{url.country}}

Product wise trends for Export from India to {{url.country}}

S.NO. HS Code Name Quantity Value (USD Million)
{{pro.id}} {{pro.description}} {{pro.qty}} {{pro.value}}

Export {{url.product}} from India to {{url.country}}

The total export of {{url.product}} to {{url.country}} was {{mainHistoricalDataValue}} USD million in year 2017. Top products which are exported to {{url.country}} are {{pro.description}},

S.No. Product Code Product Name Quantity Value (USD Million)
{{pro.id}} {{pro.description}} {{pro.qty}} {{pro.value}}