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Importers and buyers in Viet Nam

S. No Company Name Address Country Product Code Product Name
Youyouwings Co., Ltd Linh Trung 2 E.P.Z, Lot 75-76-77,Viet Nam Viet Nam 0 Household linen by fabric
Yueh Wang Int'l Co., Ltd. Dong An Industrial Park,Viet Nam Viet Nam 0 Cement
A.N.P Co., Ltd. 41 Cao Lo,Viet Nam Viet Nam 0 Importers and exporters
C.L Co., Ltd. 77 Tan Vinh,Viet Nam Viet Nam 0 Face care products
Zu Shiyo Vietnam Co., Ltd. 102, TA 28,Viet Nam Viet Nam 0 Decorative articles, ceramic
C.Q.S Precision Die Cas Casting Plc. Lot 9, Ho Nai Industrial Park,Viet Nam Viet Nam 0 Motor vehicle body spare parts
C.S.M Trading Co., Ltd. 242/105 Nguyen Thien Thuat,Viet Nam Viet Nam 0 Adhesives, synthetic
Ca Mau Agricultural Products Import-Export Joint Stock Co. 1387 Ben Binh Dong,Viet Nam Viet Nam 0 Citrus Fruit
Cable & Network Materials Joint Stock Co. 58 Tran Quang Dieu,Viet Nam Viet Nam 0 Cement
CAC Co., Ltd. 938A9, Street A , Cat Lai Industrial Zone,Viet Nam Viet Nam 0 Civil engineering contractors NES
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