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Are you looking to source products from overseas nations? Are you looking to procure raw materials for your manufacturing requirements? Connect2India can help you in end to end export import process, from identifying the right suppliers, to getting your products to your desired location at the best price. Get started with us now or Contact us if you have any trading requirement and our expert will get back to you. Submit your import export requirement here

Every country is enriched with certain superiority in resources and skills which can be consigned to other countries resulting into global exports. Rather than importers, countries want to be net exporters because more the export more will be the domestic economic value. Global export also helps in more production and revenue. Exporting into world markets leads to higher profit margins.

Here at Connect2India we provide relevant and enormous data about actual overseas merchandisers available for export and import. Connect2India provide you strong global network for your business. This section provides you with the global database of exporters from various countries classified under different product categories such as metals. Alloys, handicrafts, machinery items etc.

In 2017 total trade was almost $34 trillion in which $17 trillion was contributed by exports. Top traded commodities include machine and technology (32.5%), fuel (14.4%), automobiles (8.9%), plastic (3.4%). Global exports allow companies to gain a competitive advantage in global trade. As per international trade data in 2018 US exported commodities of worth $2.5 trillion. Main exporting countries in global trade are European Union, United states, China, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, France and Netherlands.

Please find below the list of products under different categories for which we have exporters, to view the list of all product you may visit the following page, https://connect2india.com/global/all-export-import.html?category=product-exporters2&page=1


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