Summary for the Indian 1t import

In FY 2020-2021 (Apr-Nov), Around 38,745.63 USD million of 1t is imported from India to China. It is around 17.76% of the total import of 1t.

  • The value of 1t import from India in October 2020 is 33,382.74 USD million .
  • Major countries where 1t was imported in October 2020 are China(6125.958), United Arab Emirates(2308.889), USA(2125.21), China, Hong Kong SAR(1478.12), Saudi Arabia(1399.35). Country Qty Value(USD Million) Month year
China 19371760567 6125.958 October 2020
United Arab Emirates 4436584364 2308.889 October 2020
USA 1738211272 2125.21 October 2020
China, Hong Kong SAR 5407474163 1478.12 October 2020
Saudi Arabia 1231002139 1399.35 October 2020
Switzerland 44993827 1332.829 October 2020
Singapore 2473797590 1299.24 October 2020
Rep. of Korea 2442000379 1124.81 October 2020
Indonesia 620417557 1030.69 October 2020
Iraq 197198580 978.0 October 2020
Japan 2071894257 857.53 October 2020
Germany 434610589 808.0 October 2020
Qatar 1880484910 771.99 October 2020
Malaysia 1427300245 769.85 October 2020
Australia 477297589 755.11 October 2020
Belgium 197221695 746.7 October 2020
Viet Nam 469693078 622.629 October 2020
South Africa 266408389 591.51 October 2020
Thailand 1008317473 469.79 October 2020
Nigeria 281055050 446.38 October 2020

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There are 223 distinct countries to import 1t into India. Collectively India imported 218,124.37 USD Million of 1t from those 223 countries in 2020-2021 (Apr-Nov) and USD Million in 2018, which is % than the 1t imported into India the previous year. In 2017, countries exported around quantity of 1t to India while in 2018, India’s 1t import accounts to quantity from countries. This shows the rise of �% 1t import in terms of quantity imported.

To import 1t to India, the best countries according to Indian shipment records are China, USA, United Arab Emirates, China, Hong Kong SAR, Saudi Arabia . Together they sold 218,124.37 USD Million worth value of 1t to India.

Overall the import of 1t into India % since 2014 when 1t import shipments into India were valued at USD Million. Year over year, the value of 1t import from India % from 2017 to 2018.

The import reached an all time high of USD Million during the year .

Among the countries from where 1t is imported to India, the fastest growing growing nations were Armenia,Montenegro and Cuba.

The countries from where India reduced their 1t imports are Eritrea,French Polynesia and CHRISTMAS IS.

As an importer of 1t, you should know the HS CODE of products at first.

Some HS Codes corresponding to 1t are

S.No Product H.S Code

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Top Global Markets for import 1t to India in 2020-2021 (Apr-Nov)

S.NO. Country Quantity of import import value of 1t
import 1t to India from China 120568720968 38745.632
import 1t to India from USA 15054070553 16254.349
import 1t to India from United Arab Emirates 26595668481 13087.697
import 1t to India from China, Hong Kong SAR 35066965987 9506.879
import 1t to India from Saudi Arabia 8878008138 9209.78
import 1t to India from Germany 2224400080 8105.466
import 1t to India from Iraq 2628495580 7584.35
import 1t to India from Indonesia 5998634531 7278.82
import 1t to India from Rep. of Korea 14635383565 7123.337
import 1t to India from Singapore 13695322692 7067.948

Product wise trends to Import 1t to India in 2020-2021 (Apr-Nov)

S.NO. Code Name Quantity of import import value of 1t
2709 Petroleum oils, oils from bituminous minerals, crude 115109579 31218.16
7108 Gold, unwrought, semi-manufactured, powder form 221670 12298.85
2701 Coal, briquettes, ovoids etc, made from coal 134553199 9344.44
2711 Petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons 27821280310 9118.69
8517 Electric apparatus for line telephony, telegraphy 267444927 8999.84
7102 Diamonds, not mounted or set 58829980 8699.049
8542 Electronic integrated circuits and microassemblies 6723611530 5306.81
8471 Automatic data processing machines (computers) 38012180 5263.579
8802 Aircraft, spacecraft, satellites 3370 3428.2
1511 Palm oil and its fractions, not chemically modified 5054819470 3398.35

People Also Ask

Which country is the major exporter of 1t to India?

China, USA, United Arab Emirates, China, Hong Kong SAR, Saudi Arabia are the major exporters of 1t to India.

Describe 1t import industry in India?

1t import industry in India is worth 218,124.37 USD Million in India in 2020-2021 (Apr-Nov). There are total of 223 countries from where India import’s quantity of 1t.