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In 2018, the global import from Czech Rep. was 331,623.97 USD million. The major commodities that are globally imported from Czech Rep. are Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, etc, Organic chemicals, Electrical, electronic equipment, Iron and steel, Inorganic chemicals, precious metal compound, isotope . These products form 44.18% of the world’s imports from Czech Rep..

The table includes a list of top products majorly imported from Czech Rep.:

import from Czech Rep.
Product Name HS Code Value (USD Million) % Increase
Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, etc 84 30220.286584 13.85
Organic chemicals 29 1030.289749 -6.72
Electrical, electronic equipment 85 26549.80787 -2.86
Iron and steel 72 4760.556927 26.47
Inorganic chemicals, precious metal compound, isotope 28 505.122905 -12.47
Optical, photo, technical, medical, etc apparatus 90 4055.362122 10.2
Fish, crustaceans, molluscs, aquatic invertebrates ne 3 179.663256 1.71
Plastics and articles thereof 39 7040.416092 9.63
Articles of iron or steel 73 7165.032881 7.79
Cotton 52 140.598919 -3.51

Czech Rep.'s top 10 exported products majorly account up-to 57.2 of the overall value of its global shipments. Silk under the 50 HS code has shown a sheer growth of 92.07% with the value of USD million, followed by Umbrellas, walking sticks, seat sticks, whips, etc with 85.11% and Manufactures of plaiting material, basketwork, etc. with 37.46%, these three top products show significant increase in their value.

The following list showcases the top 10 import partners of Czech Rep.. In terms of export sales, these countries imported the most Czech Rep. shipments during 2018. The list also provides data on the country's import percentage of total Czech Rep. products.

Country Value (USD Million) % Share
World 142736.855254 43.04
Germany 57236.060852 17.26
Slovakia 14742.371895 4.45
Poland 11769.403833 3.55
France 9949.678214 3.0
United Kingdom 9136.738874 2.76
Austria 8236.380578 2.48
Italy 7513.126625 2.27
Netherlands 7242.886112 2.18
Spain 6234.096175 1.88

These 10 countries in total import 274,797.6 USD Million worth of commodities from Czech Rep.. More than 82.86% of the Czech Rep. exports in 2018 were imported in the above-mentioned top 10 trade partners. Germany holds the maximum share market of 17.26, imported 57236.060852 USD million worth of Czech Rep. products, followed by Slovakia and Poland. Poland is also expanding its trading relation with Czech Rep. in import value since 2017.

The following table will enlighten you with details on products imported from Czech Rep. in 2018:

HS Code Product Name Value (USD Million)
8708 Parts and accessories for motor vehicles 8116.712999
8413 Pumps for liquids 2478.016803
8501 Electric motors and generators, except generating set 1346.659859
7304 Tube or hollow profile, seamless iron steel not cast 559.534062
3920 Plastic plate, sheet, film not cellular, reinforced 524.221449
9506 Equipment for gymnastics, sports, outdoor games nes 505.320066
8419 Machinery, non domestic, involving heating or cooling 492.070838
9018 Instruments etc for medical, surgical, dental, etc us 472.064444
6203 Mens or boys suits, jackets, trousers etc not knit 428.176609
7208 Hot rolled products, iron steel, width greater than 600mm, not cla 409.64055
8516 Electric equipment with heating element, domestic etc 406.389202
4202 Trunks, suit cases, camera cases, handbags, etc 382.333423
4002 Synthetic rubber 326.867712
7202 Ferro alloys 325.353193
6204 Womens, girls suits, jacket, dress, skirt, etc, wove 239.733015
7216 Angles, shapes and sections of iron or non alloy stee 227.296354
2921 Amine function compounds 179.928686
6302 Bed, table, toilet and kitchen linens 174.699657
5402 Synthetic filament yarn(not sewing thread) not retail 162.91022
5407 Woven synthetic filament yarn, monofilament greater than 67dtex 161.473161
2933 Heterocyclics, nitrogen hetero atom only, nucleic aci 129.023522
6104 Womens, girls suit, dress, skirt, etc, knit or croche 107.657675
7219 Rolled stainless steel sheet, width greater than 600mm 104.003369
5208 Woven cotton fabric, greater than 85 percentage cotton, less than 200g m2 99.946608
6006 Other knitted or crocheted fabrics. 72.689758
302 Fish, fresh or chilled, whole 63.950621
207 Meat, edible offal of domestic poultry 61.665304
2008 Fruit, nut, edible plant parts nes, prepared preserve 48.64452
304 Fish fillets, fish meat, mince except liver, roe 44.381696
5801 Woven pile, chenille fabric, not terry towel, w greater than 30cm 32.960082
6103 Mens, boys suits,jackets,trousers etc knit or crochet 32.709037
5509 Yarn (not sewing), synthetic staple fibre, not retail 32.419848
2905 Acyclic alcohols and their derivatives 28.20514
802 Nuts except coconut, brazil and cashew, fresh or dried 22.183307
4407 Wood sawn, chipped lengthwise, sliced or peeled 18.851442
2918 Carboxylic acids (additional oxygen function), derivs 17.807078
106 Animals, live, except farm animals 17.334924
2009 Fruit and vegetable juices, not fermented or spirited 16.374884
5209 Woven cotton nes, greater than 85 percentage cotton, greater than 200g m2 15.88042
2903 Halogenated derivatives of hydrocarbons 13.497727
5516 Woven fabric less than 85 percentage artificial staple fibre 10.282217
5205 Cotton yarn not sewing thread greater than 85 percentage cotton, not retail 7.54178
5211 Woven fabric, less than 85 percentage cotton with manmade fibre, greater than 200g m2 5.756272
303 Fish, frozen, whole 5.373361
5702 Carpets, woven, not tufted, flocked 5.240072
2915 Saturated acyclic monocarboxylic acids, derivatives 5.004154
305 Fish,cured, smoked, fish meal for human consumption 4.496675
307 Molluscs 4.038033
3702 Photograph film, rolls, unexposed, not paper 3.386097
1605 Crustaceans, molluscs, etc, prepared or preserved 3.06129

The least valued item that India imported from Czech Rep. was Commodities not specified according to kind

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Exporters and suppliers in Czech Rep.

S. No Company Name Address Country Product Code Product Name
Bocus, A.S. Orlice 282,Letohrad,Czech Rep. Czech Rep. 0 Agriculture Supplies
Bonagro Blazovice, A.S. Vinicn Sumice 280,Vinicne Sumice,Czech Rep. Czech Rep. 0 Agriculture Supplies
Bovis N.B. Spol. S R.O. Svermova 545,Nova Bystrice,Czech Rep. Czech Rep. 0 Agriculture Supplies
Chmel Spol. S R.O. Pochvalov 16,Pochvalov,Czech Rep. Czech Rep. 0 Agriculture Supplies
Cukrex A.S. Lun 591,Praha 6,Czech Rep. Czech Rep. 0 Agriculture Supplies
Danhel Agro A.S. Havlickova 205,Tyn nad Vltavou,Czech Rep. Czech Rep. 0 Cultivators
Dolnacko, A.S. Druzstevni 520,Hluk,Czech Rep. Czech Rep. 0 Agriculture Supplies
Doubrava Akciova Spolecnost (A.S.) Podlazice 136,Chrast,Czech Rep. Czech Rep. 0 Agriculture Supplies
Doubravicka, A.S. Hybesova 228,Doubravice Nad Svitavou,Czech Rep. Czech Rep. 0 Agriculture Supplies
Druzstvo Borek Vselibice 66,Vselibice,Czech Rep. Czech Rep. 0 Agriculture Supplies

People Also Ask

What do we import from Czech Rep.?

Following are the major products that can be imported from Czech Rep. :
Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, etc, Organic chemicals, Electrical, electronic equipment, Iron and steel, Inorganic chemicals, precious metal compound, isotope . The total export value of the major products is 63,066.06 USD million.

Which are the main countries that import from Czech Rep.?

Main countries that import from Czech Rep. are World, Germany, Slovakia .

What are the most profitable items to import from Czech Rep.?

The profitable imported items from Czech Rep. are Silk, Umbrellas, walking sticks, seat sticks, whips, etc, Manufactures of plaiting material, basketwork, etc., Essential oils, perfumes, cosmetics, toileteries, Tanning, dyeing extracts, tannins, derivs,pigments et .