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In 2018, the global import from Serbia was 37,344.33 USD million. The major commodities that are globally imported from Serbia are Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, etc, Electrical, electronic equipment, Organic chemicals, Iron and steel, Optical, photo, technical, medical, etc apparatus . These products form 28.55% of the world’s imports from Serbia.

The table includes a list of top products majorly imported from Serbia:

import from Serbia
Product Name HS Code Value (USD Million) % Increase
Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, etc 84 1248.929195 10.59
Electrical, electronic equipment 85 2582.429913 21.21
Organic chemicals 29 283.483667 29.29
Iron and steel 72 1035.064855 38.42
Optical, photo, technical, medical, etc apparatus 90 181.016803 18.56
Articles of iron or steel 73 494.912137 4.59
Inorganic chemicals, precious metal compound, isotope 28 77.873918 39.36
Plastics and articles thereof 39 957.303267 15.27
Articles of apparel, accessories, not knit or crochet 62 213.083051 2.63
Articles of apparel, accessories, knit or crochet 61 491.862737 6.92

Serbia's top 10 exported products majorly account up-to 40.52 of the overall value of its global shipments. Tin and articles thereof under the 80 HS code has shown a sheer growth of 488.48% with the value of USD million, followed by Silk with 231.15% and Aircraft, spacecraft, and parts thereof with 129.57%, these three top products show significant increase in their value.

The following list showcases the top 10 import partners of Serbia. In terms of export sales, these countries imported the most Serbia shipments during 2018. The list also provides data on the country's import percentage of total Serbia products.

Country Value (USD Million) % Share
World 18672.17066 50.0
Italy 2306.636328 6.18
Germany 2259.344414 6.05
Bosnia Herzegovina 1469.912351 3.94
Romania 1111.617157 2.98
Russian Federation 962.599016 2.58
Montenegro 872.791501 2.34
Hungary 768.112847 2.06
TFYR of Macedonia 715.02635 1.91
Bulgaria 708.713005 1.9

These 10 countries in total import 29,846.92 USD Million worth of commodities from Serbia. More than 79.92% of the Serbia exports in 2018 were imported in the above-mentioned top 10 trade partners. Italy holds the maximum share market of 6.18, imported 2306.636328 USD million worth of Serbia products, followed by Germany and Bosnia Herzegovina. Bosnia Herzegovina is also expanding its trading relation with Serbia in import value since 2017.

The following table will enlighten you with details on products imported from Serbia in 2018:

HS Code Product Name Value (USD Million)
7208 Hot rolled products, iron steel, width greater than 600mm, not cla 607.451012
8501 Electric motors and generators, except generating set 405.985691
9401 Seats (except dentist, barber, etc chairs) 319.921794
3917 Plastic tube, pipe, hose and fittings 253.148853
8413 Pumps for liquids 237.060182
8708 Parts and accessories for motor vehicles 214.817571
8516 Electric equipment with heating element, domestic etc 155.562047
9018 Instruments etc for medical, surgical, dental, etc us 83.146227
2915 Saturated acyclic monocarboxylic acids, derivatives 63.179522
8504 Electric transformers,static converters and rectifier 57.157145
6203 Mens or boys suits, jackets, trousers etc not knit 56.428393
2905 Acyclic alcohols and their derivatives 48.91986
8419 Machinery, non domestic, involving heating or cooling 45.131364
6204 Womens, girls suits, jacket, dress, skirt, etc, wove 44.999034
3920 Plastic plate, sheet, film not cellular, reinforced 41.943738
2009 Fruit and vegetable juices, not fermented or spirited 41.777521
8479 Machines nes having individual functions 41.148202
6104 Womens, girls suit, dress, skirt, etc, knit or croche 33.960639
7013 Glassware for table, kitchen, toilet, decoration 29.315359
6108 Womens, girls underwear, nightwear, etc knit, crochet 28.972858
7019 Glass fibres, glass wool, and articles thereof 21.914287
4805 Uncoated paper and paperboard nes 20.297313
2008 Fruit, nut, edible plant parts nes, prepared preserve 14.464761
4202 Trunks, suit cases, camera cases, handbags, etc 14.015407
8433 Harvesting, produce cleaning and grading machinery 13.450351
5702 Carpets, woven, not tufted, flocked 11.404524
7216 Angles, shapes and sections of iron or non alloy stee 10.414837
8443 Printing and ancillary machinery 7.846094
5402 Synthetic filament yarn(not sewing thread) not retail 7.109801
5407 Woven synthetic filament yarn, monofilament greater than 67dtex 7.047597
6006 Other knitted or crocheted fabrics. 6.976619
9506 Equipment for gymnastics, sports, outdoor games nes 4.600465
7304 Tube or hollow profile, seamless iron steel not cast 4.021223
6302 Bed, table, toilet and kitchen linens 3.938693
2918 Carboxylic acids (additional oxygen function), derivs 3.859119
9030 Instruments to check or measure electricity, radiatio 2.835748
2833 Sulphates, alums, peroxosulphates (persulphates) 2.45982
2933 Heterocyclics, nitrogen hetero atom only, nucleic aci 2.269428
6103 Mens, boys suits,jackets,trousers etc knit or crochet 1.94137
4802 Uncoated paper for writing, printing, office machines 1.768412
2936 Provitamins and vitamins, their derivatives 0.945999
7219 Rolled stainless steel sheet, width greater than 600mm 0.881485
2921 Amine function compounds 0.823629
5514 Woven fabric greater than 85 percentage synthcotton, greater than 170g m2 unbl bleache 0.687947
5205 Cotton yarn not sewing thread greater than 85 percentage cotton, not retail 0.601046
5209 Woven cotton nes, greater than 85 percentage cotton, greater than 200g m2 0.547612
5208 Woven cotton fabric, greater than 85 percentage cotton, less than 200g m2 0.354787
5516 Woven fabric less than 85 percentage artificial staple fibre 0.213585
5509 Yarn (not sewing), synthetic staple fibre, not retail 0.127622
5210 Woven cotton, less than 85 percentage cotton with manmade fibre, less than 200g m2 0.109465

The least valued item that India imported from Serbia was Commodities not specified according to kind

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Exporters and suppliers in Serbia

S. No Company Name Address Country Product Code Product Name
Centroproizvod. A. D Belgrade,Serbia Serbia 0 Agriculture Supplies
Diakok Agency Nikole Pasica 16/3,Bor,Serbia Serbia 0 Agriculture Supplies
Export Import Trade Lipova BB,Belgrade,Serbia Serbia 0 Agriculture Supplies
Gini Tocila D.O.O ?ajni?ka 14,Beograd,Serbia Serbia 0 Abrasives
Kentaur Trade D.O.O Narodnih Heroja 22,Novi Beograd,Serbia Serbia 0 Abrasives
Lepenka A.D. Cara Dusana 45,Novi Knezevac,Serbia Serbia 0 Abrasives
Makatica A.D. Belo polje bb,Surdulica,Serbia Serbia 0 Abrasives
Sani Group Vojvode Putnika 58,15000 SABAC,Serbia Serbia 0 Abrasives
Spajic d.o.o. Milosevski put,bb,Serbia Serbia 0 Abrasives
Venco doo K. Dejanovic,Novi Sad,Serbia Serbia 0 Bicycles
WAY MORE BIZ PRIVATE LIMITED India India 0 Product based on NIC-52599
BRIJ DISTILLERY PRIVATE LIMITED India India 0 Product based on NIC-15549
BASHEES FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED India India 0 Product based on NIC-15134
ZENPLM PRIVATE LIMITED India India 0 Product based on NIC-72900

People Also Ask

What do we import from Serbia?

Following are the major products that can be imported from Serbia :
Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, etc, Electrical, electronic equipment, Organic chemicals, Iron and steel, Optical, photo, technical, medical, etc apparatus . The total export value of the major products is 5,330.92 USD million.

Which are the main countries that import from Serbia?

Main countries that import from Serbia are World, Italy, Germany .

What are the most profitable items to import from Serbia?

The profitable imported items from Serbia are Tin and articles thereof, Silk, Aircraft, spacecraft, and parts thereof, manmade staple fibres, Articles of leather, animal gut, harness, travel good .