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Metals, Alloys & Minerals

Calibrated Iron Ore

Ilmenite Sand

Lead Ores

Fly Ash Powder

Bauxite Ore


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Rolled Steel

Steel Hollow Sections

Stainless Steel Blanks

Die Steels


Stainless Steel Board

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Ferro Niobium

Alloy Steel Plates

Silicon Bronze

Ferro Silicon

Stainless Steel Alloys

Alloy Powders

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Antimony Metal

Metal Channels

Cadmium Metal

Coated Aluminium Strip

Lead Powder

Blue Metal

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Apparel & Garments

Cotton Waste

Knitted Fabrics

Wool Waste

Cotton Fabric

Silk Waste

Monofilament Fabric

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Boys Jacket

Boys Shirts

Boys Trousers

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Mens Trousers



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Mens Coat

Mens Wear

Men Shirts

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Food & Beverages

Palm Oil

Mustard Oil

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil

Edible Oil

Palm Kernel Oil

Olive Oil

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Ginger Paste



Organic Salt

Rock Salt


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Agar Agar

Coconut Powder

Wheat Flour



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Handicrafts & Decoratives

Mood Light

Aluminum Lantern

Iron Hanging Lanterns

Glass Ceiling Light

Lantern Light

Wall Mount Lamp

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Laboratory Glassware

Cut Glass

Glass Mirrors

Glass Rods

Glass Brick

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Rope Light

Iron Lamps

Black Light Lamps

Colour Light

Chandelier Lamp

Hurricane Lanterns

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Antique Gramophones

Postage Stamps


Wooden Gramophone

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Chemicals, Dyes & Solvents

Laboratory Reagents

Coating Powder


Whiting Powder

Culture Media


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Modified Starch

Cocoa Powder

Baking Powder


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Acrylic Polymers

Gum Resin

PET Resin

Polyurethane Resin

Petroleum Resins

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Silica Gel

Ammonium Hydroxide

Black Powder

Manganese Dioxide Powder


Calcined Lime

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Textiles, Yarn & Fabrics

Pin Bar

Steel Heald

Rapier Weaving Loom


Shuttleless Loom

Schlafhorst Autoconer

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Sewing Machine Needle

Plastic Bobbins

Sewing Needles

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Carbon Fiber

Jute Yarn

Coir Fibre

Filament Yarn

Synthetic Yarn

Cotton Waste

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Industrial Supplies

Positive Pressure Module

Air Cooling Unit

Mold Temperature Controller

Air Chiller

Ceiling Cassette

Panel Air Conditioner

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FRP Ducts

Stainless Steel Olets

Socket Fittings

Pipe Caps

Stainless Steel Hex Nipples

Orifice Plates

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Airport Luggage Carts

Concrete Trolley

Heavy Duty Cart

Tray Rack Trolley

Shopping Carts

Wheeled Cart

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Back Pressure Regulators

Tank Valves

Foot Valves

Diaphragm Valves

Flush Bottom Valve

Bronze Valves

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Mechanical Parts & Spares

Steel Nuts

Hex Coupling Nut

Nut Locks

Stainless Steel Wing Nut

Steel Hex Coupling Nut

Brass Lock Nuts

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Hex Head Screws

Washer Head Screws

Screw Anchors

Oval Head Screw

Plated Screws

Captive Screws

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Stainless Steel Anchor Bolts

Stainless Steel Stud Bolts

Square Head Bolts

Stainless Steel Hex Bolt

Stainless Steel Bolts

Brass Bolts

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Anchor Rod

Hexagonal Spacer

Wall Plug

Bronze Fasteners

High Strength Fasteners

Snap Ring

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Electronics & Electrical

Rotary Limit Switches

Breaker Switch

Magnetic Proximity Switches

Emergency Stop Push Button

Magnetic Float Switch

Micro Limit Switch

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USB Extension Cable

Fire Survival Cables

Coil Cord

PVC Flat Cable

PVC Sheathed Flexible Cable

PVC Insulated Wire

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Radiant Heaters

Immersion Water Heater

PTC Heaters

Rod Heater

Titanium Heater

Hopper Heaters

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Brass Electrical Components

Switch Board Sheets

PVC Conduit Fitting

Cable Channel

Copper Plated Electrode


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Agriculture & Farming

Potato Harvester

Paddy Harvester

Drip Irrigation Systems

Chaff Cutter

Potato Planter

Rain Gun Sprinkler

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Paddy Rice

Oil Seeds

Grain Seed

Sunflower Seeds

Areca Leaf


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Coconut Shell

Natural Gum

Guar Gum

Coir Fibre

Coffee Husk

Coconut Shell Powder

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Seed Drills

Hydraulic Reversible Plough

Grain Dryers

Heavy Duty Rigid Tiller

Power Tiller

Rice Huller Spare Parts

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Computer & IT Solutions

LAN Cable

Ethernet Switch

Video Server

Computer Servers

Mobile Data Terminal

Storage Server

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Multimedia Headphone

Computer Chassis

USB Speaker


Computer Speakers

Computer Headphone

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Notebook Computers

Palmtop Computers

Mini Computers

Embedded Computers

Single Board Computers

Branded Computers

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Kitchen Utensils & Appliances

Aluminium Trays

Aluminium Trivet

Plastic Plate

Iron Trays


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Industrial Burners

Oil Burner


Boiler Burners

Burner Controllers

Hot Plates

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Vacuum Flask

Stainless Steel Cans

Aluminium Milk Cans

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Paper Plate

Leaf Plate

Aluminum Foil Containers

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Lab Instruments & Supplies

Vibration Monitoring System

Temperature Calibrator

Process Indicator

Rate Indicator

Programmable Digital Timer

Process Calibrator

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Viscosity Meters

Mercury Thermometers

Vortex Flowmeters

Wall Thermometer

Flow Measurement Systems

Soil Thermometer

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Busbar Conductor System

Assembly Automation Equipment

Variable Speed Motor Drives

Emission Control System

Furnace Control System

Automation Equipment

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Force Measuring Instruments

Salinity Meter

Digital Light Meter

Coating Inspection Equipment

Pressure Meters

TDS Meter

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Automobile, Parts & Spares

Car Mat

Car Power Inverter

Rear View Camera

Remote Control Key Fob

Vehicle Scanner

Car Scanner

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Mini Truck

Boom Trucks

Mining Trucks

Dumper Parts

Material Handling Truck

Lorry Loader Spare Parts

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Cable Drum Lifting Jacks

Hydraulic Car Lift

Tyre Machine

Car Washer

Four Post Lift

Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

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Air Grease Gun

Grease Gun

Grease Nipples

Oil Circulating System

Grease Machine

Dose Feeders

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Hand & Machine Tools

Steel Rolling Mill Parts

Automatic Milling Machine

Lump Breaker

Emery Stone

Rolling Mill Equipment

Milling Tools

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Heavy Duty CNC Lathe Machine

CNC Lathe Machine

CNC Trainer Lathe Machine

Bench Lathes

Flat Bed CNC Lathe

CNC Bender

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Cordless Drill

Heavy Duty Angle Grinder

Die Grinder

Bench Grinder

Radial Drill

Rotary Tool

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Hemming Machine

Saddle Stitching Machines

Bag Stitching Machine

Overlock Machine

Embroidery Sewing Machine

Single Needle Sewing Machine

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Telecom Equipment & Goods

Data Transmission Cable

GSM Router

Wireless Access Point

Portable Data Terminal

Satellite System

Dual Band Repeater

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Audio Transmitter

Voice Recording Device

Wireless Transmitter

Microphone Stands

Dynamic Microphone

Audio Switch

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Telecom Tower

Horn Antenna

Parabolic Antenna

Dipole Antenna

GPS Antenna

Grid Antenna

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Medical & Healthcare

Laparoscopic LED Light Source

Dental Lamp

Medical Headlight

Fibre Optic Light Sources

Analog LED Light Source

Digital Cold Light Source

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Depyrogenation Tunnels

Tablet Punching Machine

Tilting Device

Pharmaceutical Machinery Parts

Pharmaceutical Scoop

Pharmaceutical Filters

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Hydrogen Gas

Carbon Dioxide

Acetylene Gas

Natural Gas

Nitrogen Gas

Oxygen Gas

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Hot Air Oven

Carbon Dioxide Incubator

Heat Chamber

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Industrial Plants & Machinery

Assembly Line Machines

Tube End Forming Machine

Paper Plate Making Machine

Non Woven Bag Making Machine

Vacuum Suction Machine

Glass Washing Machine

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FRP Chimney

Gold Melting Electric Furnace

Rotary Hearth Furnaces

Electrode Drying Oven

Roller Hearth Furnaces

High Temperature Furnaces

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EOT Cranes

Crane Pulley

Girder Crane

Crane Control Equipments

Crane Trolley

Underslung Crane

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Screen Printing Accessories

Handheld Printer

Digital Plotter

Flat Board Printer

Rotogravure Printing Rollers

Plate Exposure Machine

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Paper & Paper Products

Coated Paper Board


Sanitary Paper

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Uncoated Paper

Waste Paper

Kraft Paper

Paper Printing Material

Paper Pulp

Wood Pulp

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Packaging Machines & Goods

Aluminum Boxes

Aluminum Cases

Steel Containers

Tin Box

Metal Boxes

Stainless Steel Cans

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Seal Cap

Aluminium Seal


Crown Corks

Aluminium Cap

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Pillow Pack Machine

Glue Applicators

Film Machinery

Flexo Printer Slotter Machine

Film Lamination Machine

Thermal Lamination Machine

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Plastic Sealers

Table Top Strapping Machine

Tong Sealing Machine

Bag Sealing Machine

Blister Sealing Machine

Foot Sealer

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Housewares & Supplies

Wall Brushes

Cleaning Cloth

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Stainless Steel Spider Fitting

Aluminium Extrusion Sections

Aluminium Channels

Aluminum Angle

Drum Handle

Aluminum Section

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Percussion Instruments

Keyboard Instruments

Musical Instrument Bag

Musical Instrument Parts

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Cosmetics & Personal Care

Soap Powder

Detergent Cake

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Hair Pins

Petroleum Jelly


Human Hair

Compact Powder

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Electric Shaver

Hair Dryer

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Books & Stationery

Film Projector

Business Projector

Portable Projector

LCD Projector Lamp

Projector Stand

Video Projector

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Alphabet Stencil

Drawing Board

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Binder Clip

Paper Clips

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Inkjet Ink



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Furniture & Supplies

Perimeter Guards

Steel Frame

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Security Steel Door

Rolling Doors

Vault Doors

Stainless Steel Security Door

Security Window

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Iron Rack

Iron Table

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Glass Table

Lamp Table

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Security, Safety System & Service

Electronic Safes

Wireless Alarm System

Electronic Alarm Systems

Door Phone

Wireless Intruder Alarm

Home Monitoring System

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EAS Security Tag

Hydraulic Car Parking System


Metal Detector Gate

Transponder Keys

Stun Guns

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Fingerprint Scanners

Fingerprint Device

Smart Card System

Biometric Fingerprint Scanners

Voice Recognition System

Biometric Devices

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Number Plate Reader Camera


CCTV Video Camera


CCTV Power Supply

Night Vision Camera

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Building & Construction

Maintenance Lifts

Chair Lift

Elevator Controller

Wall Mounted Lifts

Platform Lifts


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Pad Bolt

Barrel Bolt

Indicator Bolt

Overhead Door Operator

Locking Bolts

Stainless Steel Tower Bolt

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Ceramic Floor Tiles

Ceramic Wall Tiles

Ceramic Glazed Tiles

Glazed Wall Tiles

Floor Coverings

Tile Accessories

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Suspended Platform

Lump Crusher

Lime Stone Crusher

Portable Platforms

Facade Access System

Personnel Lifts

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