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How to target market/country to start trade?

The market and country can be targeted for trade based on the following parameters:

  1. Demand - knowing what actually is the demand in the market is very important.
  2. Currency and associated profit - an enterprise must have clear knowledge of the currency fluctuations in the specific country and the corresponding effect on its profit.
  3. Competition - any enterprise before entering into a market for the purpose of trade must have a detailed pre-requisite knowledge the companies already having a name in the market and the cost and quality of services provided by them.
  4. Size of the market - a company engaged in mass production must not opt for a market which has a limit to its demand for the products and similarly any enterprise carrying out limited edition production must not opt for a market with demands it cannot fulfil.
  5. Fraudulency - the nature of the market is another factor that can effect such choice as some markets are unauthenticated are known for fraud transactions and supply of poor quality services
  6. Cost effectiveness - an enterprise must look for a market that should not cost it heavily in terms of transportation of goods.
  7. Deadlines - the deadlines presented by the market/country must be within the reach of the enterprise or else it may lead to degradation of the quality of its products, stress and heavy losses.
Does connect2india enables its user to a detailed Market Data of the product of my choice?

Yes, connect2india provides weekly real time updates about the product of the enterprise’s choice. The information contains the following details:

  1. Product report
  2. Real time data
  3. Price analysis
  4. Historical demand analysis
In what way the detailed Market Data help its users?

Detailed market data updated provided by connect2india helps its user get a deeper and a better insight of a specific product of its choice.

  1. Product report: gives a customized tabular as well as pictorial view of the exports trends regarding the searched product in global market.
  2. Real time data: here, the enterprise have the latest update about the total amount the product actually exported in the global market, along with its origin, destination and value.
  3. Price analysis: the price analysis gives you the details about the total price of the product traded in the global market.
  4. Historical demand analysis: it is always good to know about the history of a product you are interested to trade in. connect2india also provides you this data in tabulated and easily understandable form, from where you can easily gain knowledge about the countries that have been trading in the same product in the past along with the quantity and price.
Why Choose us?

C2I is the first and only integrated platform for India which aims to enable,empower & pave way for every Indian SMEs to grow ,succeed and scale without geographical limitations. The differentiators include:

  1. Efficient platform providing complete end-to-end solution
  2. Holistic view engaging you with detailed information at a single place
  3. Competitive Advantage - Have an edge over your competitors with historical and real time industry demand
  4. Fastest Market Contact - Get verified local and global leads in just a few clicks
  5. Mitigate Risk - Genuine data, fraud detection feature, verified businesses to ensure effective risk management