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Import documentation for import customs clearance can not be same for all products. But there'are some common documents which are required in most importing countries. We will provide the details about such documents which can help with the general information. Policies are different in different countries, also they use different formalities for import clearance. The factors which cause difference can be country and ITC numer. ITC number is code number given to classify the products and it's considered globally. Also there may be some agreements between the governments of two countries doing import export with each other. Thus agreement based import-export can have some exemptions on documetnation required for customs clearance.

We will discuss all the legal, common and specific documents required for import customs clearance, as per the commodity.

Mandatory documents for import from india
Bill of Entry

Bill of entry is a legal document required for the import customs clearance, within thirty days of arrival of shipment at customs location. It's filed by importer or CHA and regulated by customs department and Reserve Bank of India (in case of Indian importers). Bill of entry is a major indicator as total outward remittance of country.

Once bill of entry is filed along with other required documents, concerned customs official processes examination and assessment of products. After the completion of all formalities, they issue 'pass out order' which allow the imported goods to be replaced from the customs. Then necessary import charges to custodian of cargo or carrier of goods are paid. Finally, imported products can be moved to the importer's place.

Factors which determine the required import documents are
  • Country of origin and destination to which the product is being imported
  • Parties to the transaction- consignee, brokers, shipper, agents, banks
  • Transshipment
  • Commodity- end-use, safety, agriculture, service
  • Transportation mode- air, ocean, truck, rail etc.
  • Size- weight, dimensions, volume etc.
Commercial Invoice

This is one of the most important documents required in the custom clearance. Invoice helps concerned customs official in the value appraisal. They calculate the assessable value as per the terms of delivery of products which is mentioned in commercial invoice. Commercial invoice is provided by importer. The value is verified by the concerned appraising officer by comparing it with actual market value of same products. This inspection is followed to avoid the fraudulent activities by exporter or importer.

Bill of Lading

Bill of lading is a carrier's document which is submitted to customs for customs clearance. In case of air shipment, airway bill is required. It contains details about the cargo along with the terms of delivery and is issued by carrier.

Import License

Import license is required for some formalities and customs clearance procedures for specific products. The license for some specific products is must, as per the guidelines issued by government. Such import is regulated by the government officials many times. Import license in such imports is must for the customs clearance to make way for such goods from outer countries.

Insurance certificate

Insurance certificate is document against the declaration of buyer, on delivery terms. It helps customs authorities in verification of selling price including insurance, under import shipment. Also it helps in finding assessable value. Insurance certificate is also required with other documents for the import customs clearance.

Purchase Order

Purchase order includes all terms and conditions of sale contract which allows customs authorities to be confirmed with the value assessment. It's required for the customs clearance of imported goods.

Letter of Credit

Same as of purchase order, letter of credit too helps in confirming the value assessment. A copy of letter of credit is submitted along with the other documents, if the import consignment is under letter of credit basis.

Technical specification or write up

Required for import customs clearance, in case of some specific products like machinery etc which contain complexity. A technical write up contains details about product's functioning. It is submitted as attachment with other import documents. Customs official need this for verifying the exact market value of the product.

Industrial License

It’s required for customs clearance of some specific products. It's availed by the government on the claiming of importer for benefit. For customs clearance, a copy of industrial license is submitted for the clearance.

RCMC Registration cum membership certificate

This document is produced for availing exemption in import duty for specific products, with the help of customs authorities. Registration cum membership certificate availed by government is one of the documents required for clearance.

Any test report

Test report maybe required for the customs clearance of some specific products. As customs officials need to assess the value of products but they can't check the quality of products imported. In this case, they send some samples of such goods to government authorized laboratories for testing. Once test report is obtained, product is move for the clearance.


These are the license types, importer needs to provide for customs clearance, if he avails any import duty exemptions under these schemes.

Central Excise Document

This document is required for the customs clearance if importer avails for any central excise benefit. He has to present the documents which pertain to the same need.

Any other documents

There may be requirement of more other documents as per the government's guidelines, products, or customs department.

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