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Do you know?

  • India has the import market of 507.44 billion USD.
  • There has been rise of 8.99% in Indian imports
  • Top exporting nation to India was China.
  • You may click here to find Indian buyers for your products Search through our historical and recent trade data and know market demand for your products. Visit our market analysis page to know more.

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Metals, Alloys & Minerals

Brass Round Rod

Brass Sheet

Copper Cathodes

Brass Pendulum

Brass Ash

Copper Flat

view all

Steel Sleeve

Steel Case

Stainless Steel Ingots

Manganese Steel

Stainless Steel Column

Stainless Steel Risers

view all

Calcium Aluminium

Alloy Steel Plates

Alloy Ingot

Ferro Silicon Calcium

Copper Brazing Alloys

Silicon Bronze

view all

Aluminium Composite Panels

Niobium Wire

Lead Ingots

Checkered Plate

Galvanized Coils


view all

Apparel & Garments

Cotton Dobby Fabric

Yarn Dyed Fabrics

Uniform Fabric

Butta Fabric

Satin Fabrics

Burlap Fabric

view all

Silk Velvet Fabric

Art silk fabric

Indian Dupion

Mulberry Silk

Crepe Silk

Dupion Silk

view all

Towel Sets

Roll Towel

Plain Dyed Towel

Cotton Bath Towel

Linen Napkin

Printed Kitchen Towel

view all

Fabric Glove


Mens Knitted Glove

Acrylic Knitted Glove

Oven Gloves

Cotton Knitted Glove

view all

Food & Beverages

Canned Pear


Raw Mango


Pineapple Powder


view all

Refined Groundnut Oil

Grape Seed Oil

Onion Oil

Soya Oil

Black Seed Oil

Cumin Seed Oil

view all

Black Pepper

Thyme Leaves

Clove Powder

Asafoetida Powder


Mace Spice

view all

Wheat Pellet

Soya Flour

Coconut Powder

Basmati Rice

Native Potato Starch

Nut Meal

view all

Handicrafts & Decoratives

Ceramic Bowls

Ceramic Nozzle

Ceramic Flower Vase

Ceramic Plates

Ceramic Crockery

Ceramic Glass

view all

Copper Artware

Gong Bell

Metal Balls

Brass Chain

Kuthu Vilakku

Brass Bowl Set

view all

Paper Basket

Fabric Jewelry Box

Nested Boxes

Presentation Boxes

Velvet Boxes

view all

Artificial Flowers

Artificial Fruit

Paper Flower

Plastic Flower

view all

Chemicals, Dyes & Solvents

Allura Red

Lake Tartrazine

Chrome Oxide Green

Pigment Emulsion

Rheological Additive

Fluorescent Powder

view all

Boron Trichloride

Undecylenic Acid

Laboratory Reagents

Adipic Acid


Monocalcium Phosphate

view all

Spice Flavour

Fruit Flavor

Invert Sugar Syrup


Honey Flavor

Guava Flavour

view all

Glacial Acetic Acid


Sodium Persulfate


Aroma Chemicals

Zinc Sulfide

view all

Industrial Supplies

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Rotary Piston Vacuum Pump

Hand Pump Parts

Pressure Water Pump

Self Priming Centrifugal Pump

Vacuum Pump Parts

view all

Rubber Pads

Rubber Bladder

Eva Sheets

Sponge Rubber

Rubber Discs

Latex Rubber

view all

Cotton Ropes

Mild Steel Wire Rope

Baler Twine

HDPE Ropes

Wire Rope Slings

Twisted Rope

view all

Valve Boxes

Instrument Valves

Choke Manifold

Sequence Valve

2 Way Solenoid Valve

Pressure Sustaining Valve

view all

Mechanical Parts & Spares

Brass Wing Nut

Brass Hex Nut

Brass Nuts

Stainless Steel Nut

Steel Nuts

Brass Lock Nuts

view all

Reverse Gears

Spur Gears

Gear Housings

Counter Gear

Flange Shaft

Gear parts

view all

Brass Castings

Zinc Castings

Ring Casting

Steel Castings

Bronze Castings

Iron Castings

view all

Stud Elbow

Belt Fasteners

End Ring

Steel Rivets

Ball Plunger

Shoe Tack

view all

Electronics & Electrical

Motor Starters


Slip Ring Motor

Synchronous Motor

Hydraulic Actuators

Three Phase Asynchronous Motor

view all

Flat Flex Cable

Fiber Optic Patchcord

PVC Cables

Nickel Silver Wire

RF Cable Assembly

Solar Cable

view all

Ceramic Resistor

SMD Capacitor

Transformer Coil

Tantalum Capacitors

Power Choke

PTC Resettable Fuse

view all

Cable Channel

Collecting Electrode

Terminal Blocks

DOL Starter

Mica Sheet

E Cores

view all

Agriculture & Farming

Beet Molasses

Mushroom Spawn

Rye Seed

Neem Seed

Black Sesame Seeds

Chilli Seed

view all

Coconut Shell

Coconut Fiber

Walnut Shell

Coconut Shell Cup

Tamarind Gum

Corrugation Gum Powder

view all

NPK Fertilizer

Plant Growth Regulators

Manganese EDTA

Chelated Zinc

Plant Food


view all

Water Sprayers

Agricultural Discs

Drum Sieve

Gravity Separator

Manure Spreaders

Hand Sprayer

view all

Textiles, Yarn & Fabrics

Press Felts

Antibacterial Fabric

Tweed Fabric

Acrylic Fabrics

Air Mesh Fabric

Jute Fabrics

view all

Jute Carpets

Cotton Rug

Shag Carpet

Silk Rugs

Shag Rug

Woven Durries

view all

Cotton Twill Fabric

Poly Cotton

Cotton Single Jersey

Wool Polyester Fabric

Cotton Dress Material

Surgical Cotton

view all

Polyester Cotton Yarn

Polyester Spun Yarn

Spun Polyester Dyed Yarn

Organic Cotton Yarn

Shoddy Yarn

Nylon Fiber

view all

Kitchen Utensils & Appliances

Aluminium Trays

Plastic Plate

Iron Trays

view all

Electric Tea Kettle

Plate Warmer

Electric Deep Fryer

Aluminium Vessels

view all

Stainless Steel Jar

Stainless Steel Cans

Glass Water Bottle

Spice Jar

Airtight Container

Water Jars

view all

Paper Plate

Paper Cups

view all

Lab Instruments & Supplies

Torque Limiters

Panel Instruments

Tablet Hardness Tester

view all

Molecular Sieves

Filter Paper

view all

Machinery AC Drive

Machine Interface

Motor Starters

Control Modules

Control Drive

Control Desk

view all


Panel Instruments

Digital Panel Meter


Continuous Workstation Monitor

Measuring Machine

view all

Automobile, Parts & Spares

Car Covers

Car Mat

Car Stereo

Power Inverter

Shift Knob

Gear Shift Knob

view all

Drag Links

Brake Pipe

Brake Fluid

Brake Lining

Brake Set

Brake Rotor

view all

Clutch Repair Kit

Pressure Plates

Clutch Lever

Clutch Coil

Clutch Components

Diaphragm Spring

view all


Car Chassis

Bus Chassis

Seat Assembly

Seat Belt

Parking Sensor

view all

Hand & Machine Tools

Sliding Table

Regulating Wheel

Tool Cutter Grinder Machine

Jig Mill

Knife Grinders

Milling Spindles

view all

CNC Lathe Machine

Glass Blowing Lathe

Fluted Roller Truing Machine

Capstan Lathes

Turret Lathes

CNC Cutting Machine

view all

Hand Lever

Pneumatic Hammers

Pneumatic Breaker

Hydraulic Flange Spreader

Pneumatic Cloth Guider

Flange Spreader

view all

Hemming Machine

Rotary Hook

Home Sewing Machine

Industrial Sewing Machine Parts

Yarn Bobbins

Stitching Machine

view all

Bicycle, Rickshaw & Spares


Nylon Tyre

Wheel Cap

Steel Wheel Rim

Motorcycle Wheels

Trailer Wheel

view all

Telecom Equipment & Goods

Power Amplifiers

Distribution Amplifier


Audio Power Amplifier

Dynamic Microphone

Integrated Amplifier

view all

Medical & Healthcare

Drug Intermediates

Sodium Methoxide Powder

Chlorogenic Acid

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose

Gelatin Capsules

Ammonia Solution

view all

Azelaic Acid

Dolasetron Mesylate

Benzoyl Peroxide

Empty Gelatin Capsule

Empty Capsules

Orlistat Pellets

view all

Vial Washing Machine

Tablet Punching Machine

Sugar Coating Machine

Pharmaceutical Machinery Parts

Camphor Machine

Tablet Printing Machine

view all

Sulfur Hexafluoride

Ethylene Oxide Gas

Hydrogen Chloride

Coal Gas

Liquid Nitrogen Gas

Liquid Carbon Dioxide

view all

Industrial Plants & Machinery

Garbage Bag Making Machine

Automatic Assembly Machines

Sheet Forming Machine

Plate Making Machine

Non Woven Bag Making Machine

Glass Washing Machine

view all

Hydraulic Intensifier

Hydraulic Breaker

Swing Clamp Cylinder

Pipe Bender

Pressure Intensifiers

Piston Accumulator

view all

Girder Crane

EOT Cranes

Step Pulley

Wall Mounted Jib Crane

Overhead Traveling Cranes

Marine Cranes

view all

Printing Cylinders

Sublimation Printing Machine

Thermal Transfer Printers

Zebra Barcode Printers

Screen Printing Material

Ferrule Printing Machine

view all

Paper & Paper Products

Plastic Tags

Hang Tags

Identification Tags

Adhesive Sticker

Pencil Tag

Bag Tag

view all

Art Paper Bag

Paper Gift Bag

Paper Bags


Tea Bag Paper

Sticker Paper

view all

Invitation Box

Printed Inlay Cards

Visiting Cards

Invitation Card

Birthday Card

Gift Cards

view all

Laminated Paper Sheet

Chromatography Paper

Tissue Wrap

MG Kraft Paper

Metallic Paper

Silicone Paper

view all

Home Textile & Furnishing

Velvet Throw

Sateen Sheets

Silk Bed Cover

Jacquard Throw

Polyester Blanket

Embroidered Bedspread

view all

Jute Mats

Hollow Mat

Foot Mat

Cotton Bath Mats

Tea Mat

Cutting Mat

view all

Polar Blankets

Fleece Blanket

Flannel Blankets

Polyester Blanket

Mink Blankets

Receiving Blanket

view all

Handloom Cushion Cover

Silk Cushion Cover

Throw Pillow

Bolster Covers

Chair Cushion

Cotton Handloom Cushion Cover

view all

Packaging Machines & Goods

Shrink Wrap

Laminated Packaging Film

PVC Foil

Metallized Polypropylene Film


PVC Lamination Film

view all

Plywood Boxes

Printed Carton

Fibreboard Boxes

Corrugated Carton Box

Tissue Box

Printed Carton Box

view all

Plastic Water Tank

Water Storage Tanks

Collapsible Containers

Steel Barrels

MS Drums

Freight Containers

view all

Seal Cap

Rubber Cork

Aluminum Easy Open End

Plastic Spout

Lug Cap

EPE Liner

view all

Housewares & Supplies



Stainless Steel Scrubber

view all

Steel Baskets

Plastic Basin

view all

Sandalwood Powder

Lamp Oil

Camphor Powder

view all

Aluminium Bracket

Aluminium Extrusion Sections

Aluminum Section

Aluminium Profiles

Stainless Steel Angle

Strut Profiles

view all

Herbal & Ayurvedic Product

Parsley Leaves

Thyme Leaves

view all

Wheat Grass Powder

Herbal Supplements

Garcinia Cambogia Extract Powder

Amla Ginger Squash

Barley Grass

Anardana Powder

view all

Wheat Grass Powder

Garcinia Cambogia Extract Powder

view all

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Hair Shampoo

Hair Dryer

Facial Tissues

view all

Lily Oil

Organic Neem Oil

Primrose Oil

Rose Oil

Perilla Seed Oil

Mace Oil

view all

Books & Stationery


Pencil Holder

Correction Fluid

view all

Drawing Board Clip

Stretched Canvas

Canvas Roll

view all

Printed Envelope

Paper Envelopes

Printed Book

view all

Tent Card

Binding Strips

Wooden Pen Holder

Die Stamp

Tape Cutter

Drawing Board Clip

view all

Fashion Accessories & Gear

Plastic Footwear

Synthetic Footwear

Leather Boots

view all

Polyester Button

Plastic Eyelets

Collar Stays

Garment Accessories

Textile Accessories

Plastic Button

view all

Sports Goods, Toys & Games

Canvas Tent

Fishing Nets

Portable Tent

Family Tent

Indian Tent

Tent Accessories

view all

Calcium Hypochlorite

Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bisulfate

Sodium Carbonate

Sodium Hypochlorite

view all

Security, Safety System & Service


Parking Sensor

view all

Electronic Card

Security Card

Magnetic Stripe Card

EM Card

Proximity Card Reader

Proximity Cards

view all

Fire Blankets

Fire Fighting Vehicles

Alarm Panels

view all

Camera Housing

CCTV Equipments


CCTV System

Box IP Camera

Color CCD Camera

view all

Bags, Belts & Wallets

Paper Gift Bag

Plastic Case

Cotton Gift Bag

Paper Carry Bags

Jute Shopping Bags

Multiwall Paper Bags

view all

Cotton Purse

Jute Purse

view all

Cloth Bags

Jute Conference Bag

Cotton Hand Bags

Jute Handbag

Cotton Pouch

Jute Carry Bag

view all

Building & Construction


Hydraulic Car Lift

Four Post Lift

Lift Spare Part

Pneumatic Lifts

Chair Lift

view all

Awning Fabric

Barrel Bolt

Indicator Bolt

Rack Bolt

Surface Bolt

Aluminium Tower Bolt

view all


Laminated Plywood

Densified Wood


Bamboo Wood

Bamboo Plywood

view all

Thread Rolling Machine

Edge Bending Machine

Plate Bending Machine

Seed Crushing Machine

Stone Crusher

Cone Crusher

view all

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