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Media Fraud Detector

Identifying fraudulent suppliers is the biggest problem faced by buyers in global trade. Media Fraud Detector will confirm the existence of company's manufacturing facilities, deduce working conditions and the presence of other factors as well.

  • Mitigate risk
  • Eliminate travel costs
  • Reduce uncertainty
  • Transact with confidence
  • Build trust
  • Improve compliance, integrity, quality and efficiency.

    With our external inspection, we get the company inspected by professional 3rd party inspectors and inspection companies. The inspector will visit the manufacturing and/or port facilities anywhere in India and make reports including pictures to certify that the goods being produced and shipped meet quality standards

  • Factory Evaluation Services
  • Quality Inspection Services
  • CSR Audits & Assessments
  • HSE Audits & Assessments
  • Social Audits & Assessments
  • Energy Audits & Assessments
  • How we are making trade safe for overseas SME's?

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