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On the platform of Connect2India, you could get a detailed holistic outlook of the genuine and recent Indian suppliers of various products from India, who would be willing to export their high-quality products to you at competitive prices, along with the easy-to-use trade tools to ensure safe and convenient export of your products to India. We would provide you with the following offerings to make your import from India convenient and cost-effective.

Holistic profile of Genuine Indian Suppliers

Get access to verified information and holistic profiles of authenticated and targeted Indian suppliers for your products that meet your requirements.

Real-time Market Analysis

Our unique data science simplifies everything by regressive analysis of raw data by our automated engines to enhance market understanding for your specific product

Intelligent Trade Tools

Make use of trade tools like Export Price Calculator, Duty Calculator, Freight Calculator etc. which are easy to use, saves time and reliable for making trade more successful and profitable.

Why Choose Us

Holistic view on Trade Counterparts

Get access to the simplified and unified details about the recent verified Indian suppliers of products of your choice in an comprehensible manner.

Market and Product Analysis

Get historic, real time as well predictive stats on pricing and market availability of various products in India to ensure an cost effective import

Expert Trade Services

Get anytime, anywhere access to trade-related assistance from various expert service providers and trade professionals in India

Trade Tools

Smart and intelligent trade tools that ensure effective and efficient trade with India, that could in-turn enhance every aspect of the business.


Want to start importing products from India, but clueless about Indian market?

Proceed with the right strategies with the access to the verified Indian suppliers of various products, so that you import high-quality products in the most efficient and economic way possible. All the relevant details are meant to ensure unquestionable trust and credibility on the Indian suppliers and manufacturers and are augmented from multiple sources.

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