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What We Do

Connect2India helps you to find the a number of right Services Providers to meet your business's needs and to provide you easy access to instant services, assistance and guidance regarding any trade related issue. We make sure you find the best budget-friendly service providers as per your requirement.

Complete details of service providers

Get access to verified information and complete details of authenticated Indian service providers for easy access to instant services that meet your requirements.

Sales agents, Freight forwarders, Sourcing services

Save time and energy to get through with the complexities in international import-export. We help you to find the right suppliers for your products.

Easy access to Low Cost Trade-experts

Find the best budget-friendly trade experts as per your requirement to help you with export-import related services.

Our Services

Trade Compliance and Customs

We help businesses to manage costs and global trade regulatory requirements while leveraging innovative technology solutions.

Trade Promotion Organizations

Trade Promotion Organizations play a proactive role in catalyzing trade, investment and technology transfer processes.

Foreign Investment Services

We offer an exclusive range of Foreign Investment Services rendered under the assistance of our domain experts using sophisticated techniques.

Transportation and Logistics

Get instant services and assistance regarding transportation logistics management, an integral part of delivering goods from suppliers to customers.

Sourcing, Quality Control

We give quality sourcing solution and provide you the best suppliers and manufacturers with the help of our nationwide network.

Banking and Finance

Providing services and guidance related to banking and finance to help reduce costs and enhance business efficiency.

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Do not worry.. Our platform has made it safe and easy to get in touch with services providers in India for the various steps involved in the process of business growth and expansion in India. So, trade both effectively and efficiently, that too at reasonable rates, by aquiring the rightous guidance and assistance for your business.

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