Export-Import agent
in India

Find human-resources to represent your business in India!

What We Do

At Connect2India, we aim at making your India-entry and setup of your business more time and cost effective through the highly professional and experienced trade professionals of India. You could appoint them to work as your business affiliates or associates to represent your business in India on your behalf. These trade representatives would provide end-2-end support for export/import in India. They fill out import-export documentation Pre, during and Post export / import, compile carrier and route assignments, compute international fees for each shipment, and keep track of shipment payments and quotas.

Why Choose Us

Effective means to represent your business in India

Hire an export-import agent to represent your business in India and thus help you to expand your reach to the India customer-base more effectively.

Appoint a mediator to ease the process of trade with India

Make the process of export-import from India easy by appointing a mediator who could help you in understanding the different policies of India government.

Ease to adaptation to Indian language and currency

The export-import agent would be well versed in Indian languages and would thus ease out the process and make it easy for you to adapt to Indian languages and currencies

Virtual Office in India for your Export-Import Agent

Start expanding in India by setting up virtual office for your export-import agent and save the hassle of hiring manpower and spending a significant amount on leasing


Want to get representative services for your business in India?

Through the integrated platform of Connect2India, you could also list various agents or representatives who could help you scale your business on the Indian land without any hindrance related to Indian laws, language, culture, etc. Hire the people who have the pre-requisite experience in the Indian market-place.

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